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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ali79shine, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. ali79shine

    ali79shine Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have the Desire, thinking about upgrading to the Merge. ANY COMMENTS??

    I run out of internal memory every other day on my Desire, and I hear the Merge has more internal memory.

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  2. thebillington

    thebillington Well-Known Member

    Well I believe it is CDMA, but I think there is a SIM card slot on the back allowing you to insert a SIM card if necessary. The phone itself is more on a par with HTC Legend in terms of performance (I think), but overall it is a good design, and can be rooted with a custom ROM (though I'm not sure if there is a Gingerbread ROM out there).

    I think the phone is pretty sexy myself, though I've never seen one in person, but I'm not sure whether I would call exchanging your HTC Desire for a Merge an 'upgrade', maybe more of a downgrade. But hey, whatever floats your boat.
  3. ali79shine

    ali79shine Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So I'm not sure why you are saying it would be a downgrade? I hear it is faster and has more internal memory. I just don't wanna get stuck with a phone that is slower and has the same internal memory issues. I'm not all about rooting my phones. And I am with US Cellular so I don't really care about the SIM card thing.

    Thanks for the comments! I appreciate the info!! :)
  4. thebillington

    thebillington Well-Known Member

    I've read that with the HTC merge the Internal Memory is better than the Desire, and yes this will see a performance boost. However if you are use a LOT of apps then you may see the exact same problem with the Merge as we do with the Desire. My dads Legend has twice the internal memory of my Desire and he has recently experienced lack of Internal Memory. And there are ways to fix the issues with your Desire rather than going out and 'Upgrading' your phone.

    I do not think the phone would entirely be a downgrade, but you may not be someone who wants to Root their phone. However as someone with a rooted phone and a Custom ROM I believe that the Merge would be a downgrade for me since it has nowhere near the dedication to Development for Custom ROMs as that of the Desire.

    I also would not be able to switch back to using a slide phone due to a number of disasters with my old N95.
  5. ali79shine

    ali79shine Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So then...to root or not to root? What are the benefits? Does it void warranty? I have no clue what rooting even does. Can you explain?

  6. NotYingYang

    NotYingYang Newbie

    Hi there! You say "there are ways to fix the issues with your Desire rather than going out and upgrading"... so how can I fix the internal memory issues? Not many apps seem to have the ability to move to SD card. So how can I fix the low memory (due to low internal memory) issues on the HTC Desire without having to delete apps or uninstall updates? Thanks for any help!
  7. lifeonmtv

    lifeonmtv Android Enthusiast

    Rooting your phone will allow you to virtually increase the desire's internal memory to pretty much anything you could need.

    Read all of these guides:


    my 2 cents, I would also consider the merge a downgrade. In fact, I recently got given a samsung galaxy s for free, and after rooting it and playing around with it for about a week I was already bored as there aren't many developers pushing good custom roms for it. The desire is very popular amongst developers, as opposed to many other phones with better or similar hardware specs, and this is a huge plus IMO. The internal space is a non issue for me and I have almost half a gig of apps installed, and plenty of space for more, thanks to rooting and the setup I've chosen.

    If you don't want to bother with rooting, etc.. and spending time on it is not for you, then just buy a phone with a lot of internal memory and run it stock, it would be an upgrade in your case... just not in ours :)

    good luck!
  8. thebillington

    thebillington Well-Known Member

    Couldn't really have put it better myself ;)
  9. ali79shine

    ali79shine Newbie
    Thread Starter

    If you Root you void your warranty? Also I know NOTHING about rooting. I've never even read into it at all. Is this something that can be done easily for inexperienced people? Once you root can you ever go back? Is there alot of upkeep involved in rooting?

    Thanks for the comments!!
  10. thebillington

    thebillington Well-Known Member

    Yes, rooting does void your warranty, however it is more than worth it.

    Not 2 months ago I didn't know anything about Rooting, and now I'm rooted and using a Custom ROM. If you read the FAQ's and make sure you understand it then even the least tech-wise person should be able to root without a problem.
  11. ali79shine

    ali79shine Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks, I will read up on it. :D
  12. deanshep85

    deanshep85 Android Expert

    right just a heads up...it is actually a lil slower than the older Desire, its running a single core 800Mhz chip, so im guessing its actually going to be on par with the Desire Z that was released. It oddly has a 3.8 inch screen as opposed to 3.7 or 4.3 which seems to be the kind of industry standards (it seems)..

    other than the obvious look which seems to hark back a little to older smartphones back in the days of windows 6 etc...it doesnt seem really all that different to the Desire..

    As thebillington suggested rooting would be a far better option than going out an spending money on what on paper seems mostly on par or 'marginally' better than the current Desire (or Desire Z if you want a better comparison especially with the keyboard). I would say root would be the best option right now and just save up your cash/upgrade for something more worth while further down the line, as really once rooted, the Desire is STILL actually quite a top dog....ok it doesn't match the Tegra 2 graphics crowd etc or the Dual Core kiddys...but it definitely can hold its own with others.
  13. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    why do they insist on making hard keyboard phones 800Mhz. I'd jump at one if it wasn't for that
  14. ohadfreund

    ohadfreund Member

    If you don't want to root then you should check out Desire S.
    I moved from Desire to Desire S, mainly because of low memory.
    Other than the memory issue the specs don't look much better, but with GB 2.3.3, better camera app (when you press the button it really takes the photo and you don't need to wait 5 sec), front facing camera (can be used with skype) and more.
    I still have the Desire but when I look at it it looks old!
  15. thebillington

    thebillington Well-Known Member

    I agree that the Desire S would solve his problem, and it is extremely similar to our Desire's and so wouldn't seem very alien. However the point we are trying to make is, why spend good money on an upgrade, when you could be saving that money instead to buy an even better phone when the next generation of Android technology comes out?

    If ali's intention is to upgrade to a new phone, then I think rooting his desire first should at least be an option. What's the worst that could happen? If he doesn't like it he simply flashes back with an RUU and get's to learn a bit more about Android in the process.
  16. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    Oh my god, that sounds awful.
  17. deanshep85

    deanshep85 Android Expert

    5 second delay? hmm strange cos my Desire before and after root was probably .7th of a second delay? maybe tiny bit slower....

    its been A LOOONNNG ass time since I've come across a phone with a terrible shutter speed...maybe your Desire had issues possibly?

    and while front facing camera might be nice on paper...I dont see a vast amount of people using it...at least not when say out and about...and if they are using it indoors, well most people have webcams either with their computers or built in? I mean I know my other half uses skype to talk to her folks back in Poland and my friend in Germany uses it just for calls, I can't imagine either really worrying bout phone video calling...

    besides...that so 2004 :p :p:D
  18. ohadfreund

    ohadfreund Member

    From your signature I can see that your Desire is rooted, which is not the case for all.
    As the guy that started this thread is unrooted then he is probably facing the same camera problem.

    Regarding the front facing camera, I agree with you, but this could still be useful for some. Just pointed out some of the differences.
  19. deanshep85

    deanshep85 Android Expert

    Well yes im rooted NOW..*BUT* I never had any kind of delay/lag before it was rooted either and I've not seen it on a few stock Desires I've seen either. Including my other half's Wildfire, which uses the exact same camera module and software as the Desire.
  20. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Extreme Android User

    just to clear something up here
    desire z is 800 mhz and performs faster in most tests than the 1ghz desire due to cpu improvements

    slower clockspeed does not always mean slower performance
  21. deanshep85

    deanshep85 Android Expert

    oh yea...forgot bout that whole thing...

    oh well, im still right though saying its gonna be on par with the Desire Z though..actually in fact it basically is a Desire said...minus track pad and im guessing better slide for the keyboard...

    and in my opinion, more ugly that the Z lol
  22. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Extreme Android User

    like the desire s is a small upgrade on the desire with a few tweeks and aesthetic changes
    i believe the merge is exactly that for the desire z looking and specs and pictures

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