Help Desire Z HTC Sense Issues - Phone Kills Background Task



About six months ago, I upgraded my handset to Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread). It fixed this weird problem where incoming texts weren't showing as push notifications properly, but then it broke something else. Whenever I use a RAM intensive application (or have a few things running in the background), it kills HTC Sense if I'm not using it. This causes it to reboot and it takes a bit of time to load up.

I've finally had enough, and got into contact with HTC. Their advice was to install a 3rd party task killer, and tell it to ignore Sense. I replied to this saying I wasn't happy with the response and asked if there was another fix, and their only other alternative was to make sure I stopped background tasks fully to keep RAM down.

Now rightly or wrongly, I don't want to have to do that. I've never seen anyone else's phone have an issue like this and to be forced to go through the settings menu every five minutes isn't my definition of intuitive. I bit the bullet and had a look through a bunch of task managers, but the one I settled on hasn't worked. So my question is this:

1) Has anyone else had this problem, and how did they fix it? I'm also talking properly, not like a quick fix. Restarting my phone is my current quick fix and it doesn't help for long. If not...
2) Can anyone recommend a good task killer/manager? I'm aware that most people think they're a bad idea, but that's not what I want to argue. I don't mind paying, but I want something that will let me tell my phone that I don't want Sense to stop, and if a task killer is the only option, then I guess so be it.

Android Version (as above): 2.3.3
Sense Version: 2.1 (3 apparently isn't available for the Desire Z yet).

I have no idea what other info may be of use.

Thanks a lot :)


Well, rooting the phone and installing a no-sense ROM comes to mind. There are some good ICS ROMs for this phone. And CM7.1 is definitely usable.

I'm not a big sense fan, my G2 came as a Mostly Stock Android (Eclair, then Froyo, and later GB) device.