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Desktop Cradle

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SuperStuff, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. SuperStuff

    SuperStuff Member
    Thread Starter

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  2. Chopstick2U

    Chopstick2U Android Enthusiast

    I'd love to get a cradle, but I don't use a case and that one looks like all the weight of the phone is sitting on the mini-USB connection. Maybe if it had custom inserts for different phones like Ipod cradles do.
  3. SuperStuff

    SuperStuff Member
    Thread Starter

    Yeah I see what you mean. I'd like to see one built specific to the Eris so it fit snug.
  4. SuperStuff

    SuperStuff Member
    Thread Starter

    Dude you rock. Once I get the extra battery this looks like the winner for me.
  5. 928Droid

    928Droid Newbie

    Does look like a good solution and the 2nd battery charger slot is a good thing.

  6. jf674

    jf674 Lurker

    Can you use this cradle on your nightstand and use the Eris as your alarm clock while charging the battery from a normal wall outlet, not a computer/USB?
  7. DoctorWho

    DoctorWho Newbie

    That one on eBay looks pretty nice. Something like this would be great as an alarm clock on my nightstand. I wonder if there's any 'official' one planned, or perhaps one from a more reputable manufacturer? The foreign-made stuff on eBay, while cheap, has tendency to break and stop working.
  8. EdDroid

    EdDroid Newbie

    Who the heck has a Spare Battery that they need to charge evry night! Ok, I know some people do(so don't reply with "your touching story") LOL.;)
    But I can count twice in 5 years where I have had charge mismanagement issues....actually, car charger broke.
    My point, my nightstand real eastate is limited.....:cool::eek: What with my condom dispenser and lava lamp......(that was a joke too....):(
    Are they ever going to produce a tiny custom Eris cradle with a small footprint (instead of the giant clunker with the battery charger I would never use)?

    Peace peeps,
  9. alprazolam

    alprazolam Android Expert

    Ummm...scroll to the first post. I don't know of a cradle for any phone that doesn't come with a charger built in.
  10. trav473

    trav473 Android Enthusiast

    found this site the other day, they had a nice looking cradle that looked like it provided more support rather than all the weight on the usb socket.. HTC Droid Eris USB Sync and 2nd Battery Charge Cradle still has a slot for a second battery but not a largte footprint..
  11. cevMkV

    cevMkV Well-Known Member

    i have this cradle and i love it. i used it with and without the case. seidio is pretty smart the rectangle part that the charging nub sticks out from (sorry for the lack of technical terms) is on a hinge and after the phone is mounted it leans back on the actual cradle so the weight is not on the charging port. i also have the seidio innocase 2 and it works really well with this charger. and to answer the last question yes you can use the regular wall charge with this as well.
  12. Jlopcpa

    Jlopcpa Member

    Was thinking of getting this for my office and using the USB to USB, does it also allow you to Sync to the Computer as well? Thanks
  13. alprazolam

    alprazolam Android Expert

    I'm going to say yes because it is simply a connection from the usb connector on your computer to the charger. There is nothing special in between that would make it different from a direct connection.
  14. Caddyman

    Caddyman Android Expert

  15. cmack

    cmack Member

  16. Jlopcpa

    Jlopcpa Member

    OMG...that is great, but Caddy can you please clarify something, is that 1 rubber band or 2? And I hope it is not patent pending, because sadly enough I have all the material to build my one.

    Thanks for sharing!!!
  17. Caddyman

    Caddyman Android Expert

    1 big rubber band, some comic relief for you all although i do use it daily...lol

    back to real, cool, cradle discussion...
  18. agentlotek

    agentlotek Newbie

    Can you possibly take some pictures of your Eris while in the cradle?...I have been contemplating making the purchase...but would first like to see a couple of snapshots or video of an actual Eris in this dock...
  19. CalifJewls

    CalifJewls Newbie

    I ordered this one! Thanks Trav..
  20. bpk116

    bpk116 Newbie

    I could'nt wait for a desktop cradle so after buying the phone the week it launched(went in to buy droid but eris just felt right) I spent the following Sunday with an old Wii stand I was'nt using, a dremel tool and a six pack and this is what I came up with. It charges and supports the weight of my Eris along with my BT headset and the holster for my clamshell combo. I know it needs a new paint job but then I would have to invest money in it and then it would'nt be as cool to me.




  21. cevMkV

    cevMkV Well-Known Member

    yes i will once i get home from work...ill upload them tonight...
  22. texgalatheart

    texgalatheart Newbie

    I have the Seidio cradle. My Eris fits snuggly on the charging nub. I am able to sync etc with my computer while it is on the cradle.
  23. agentlotek

    agentlotek Newbie

    Thank you bro...:)
  24. davros

    davros Android Enthusiast


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