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Desktop Cradle

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SuperStuff, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. cevMkV

    cevMkV Well-Known Member

    ok guys here are the pics of my eris in the seidio cradle, also note i have the innocase II as well.

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  2. davros

    davros Android Enthusiast

    that sure is nice looking. thanks think I might be needing one.
  3. agentlotek

    agentlotek Newbie

    Thanks again bro...that dock looks sweet..and you got me liking that case also...I just have a couple questions for ya...

    1. Is the Innocase II of hard plastic or rubber variety?

    2. Are you able to use the Eris while in the dock only using one hand or does the cradle move around on you? Basically what im asking is..does the cradle have some rubber or something on the bottom that lets it grip your desk...dresser etc. and let you perform one handed tasks?

    Thanks in advance bro...and I just want to say...I really appreciated you taking the time to snap those pictures and upload them for us...:D
  4. cevMkV

    cevMkV Well-Known Member

    1. the case is hard plastic with the rubberized coating on it. so kinda both lol. the inside is also lined with felt so it wont scratch the finish on the phone as well. also note i keep this phone in my pocket and it does not collect lint or stick when trying to remove it. it feels like the finish on the phone itself.

    2. yes you can use the phone while on the cradle. i have checked email, sent texts, and set the alarms with no problems at all. not sure if you can answer a call though, but if on speaker i don't see why you couldn't.
  5. agentlotek

    agentlotek Newbie

    Thanks for your quick response...you have just sold me on the dock (just bought it)...still mulling over the case though...I'm not entirely sure that it's even necessary due to the fact that you can easily buy a replacement back cover...plus I enjoy the faux-chrome strip that the phone has and this would be covered up by the case...either way I have definitely purchased the cradle no less than 2 minutes ago...:cool:

    One more question then I'll leave you alone...:D

    Does the cradle come with a usb cable or power adapter? Or am I on my own to purchase one?...I would hope it does for $35.85 (price with shipping)...
  6. EdDroid

    EdDroid Newbie

    cevMkv, Thanks! much product review.
    info I was looking for......knowing it lays back for another point of contact and not just on the adapter(to be snapped off....).

  7. fahertyps

    fahertyps Newbie

    Curious as to whether the Eris will stay on in the Seidio cradle so you can see the clock while its docked? I see the Nexus is bragging about this with the new Google cradle. Anyone know if that one will work with the Eris?
  8. Caddyman

    Caddyman Android Expert

    there is a setting, in settings, where you can keep the screen on while plugged in.
  9. cevMkV

    cevMkV Well-Known Member

    it does come with a usb cable that work in your pc as well as the oem charger
  10. agentlotek

    agentlotek Newbie

    Thanks for all the info bro...
  11. cevMkV

    cevMkV Well-Known Member

    no problem....glad i could help!
  12. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    Are you referring to the ("Sound and Display) "Screen Timeout" function where you can select "never timeout?"
  13. agentlotek

    agentlotek Newbie

    Thank jesus my home team the Saints won the superbowl last night...otherwise I would be depressed as shit because I got an email over the weeked saying my Seido Eris Dock is on back-order....

    Black & Gold Won the Super Bowl!

    Who Dat?..... We Dat! :D:D:D
  14. Caddyman

    Caddyman Android Expert

    check it

    settings>apps>development> stay awake (screen will never sleep while charging)
  15. Blizzard

    Blizzard Well-Known Member

    The Seidio cradle is on back order for 2-3 weeks.
  16. dlappjr

    dlappjr Lurker

    I bought this cradle. it looks slightly different than this but same idea. I bought it from this page and this item.

    AccessoryOne.com :: HTC :: Droid Eris (Verizon) :: USB Sync Dual Cradle DeskTop Charger Htc Eris Droid - with 2nd Battery Charger

    it was like 14.95 all said and done and for another 12.00 I got a second battery. So for under 30.00 I get a cradle that syncs and charges the phone, as well as charges an extra battery and the extra battery. Not a bad deal and it all works great. Just google search for HTC Eris battery and find the cheapest one, in the end, it doesn't matter if it's from HTC, its the same specs and seems to hold a charge just as long as the OEM

    my .02
  17. Blizzard

    Blizzard Well-Known Member

    Where did you get the battery? I don't see it on their site.
  18. agentlotek

    agentlotek Newbie

    Ordered my Seidio's Innodock Jr. on Feb. 5th....still haven't shipped. It was never once indicated anywhere on the product/checkout page that the item was on back-order otherwise I'd have found an alternative. I've noticed recently that they did update the product page with an out of stock status....too little too late for me though...I am pissed. :mad:
  19. dewalist

    dewalist Android Enthusiast

    Has anyone seen a cradle that lets you connect power and headphones together? I have a couple of these:

    Amazon.com: HTC Multifunction Audio Adapter for HTC Touch T-Mobile G1 Shadow II Wing Sprint Mogul AT&T Tilt: Cell Phones & Service

    It works great - I have it plugged into USB on my laptop docking station for power, and I leave my headphones plugged in. When I walk away from my desk, I only have to unplug ONE connection. I've considered a bunch of options to turn this into a true dock (sculpting plastic, craft cement, etc) but I'm not skilled enough to make anything decent.

    So far I haven't seen any docks beyond the two already mentioned here, and neither of those seem to have similar functionality. I thought these were selling well enough that manufacturers would step up and start making docking stations, but I guess not...
  20. bottlecap

    bottlecap Well-Known Member

    That cradle looks like it was raised in an ugly tree was so ugly they kicked it out and it hit every ugly branch on the way down..

    In other words, I don't care for it.
  21. EdDroid

    EdDroid Newbie

    Read this thread. no other options. Bought SEIDIO cradle: It's made well, solid product.

    Cons: Only comes with USB cable. NO PLUG. So you have to use your original and don't get a spare out of the deal.
    And: the Eris sits back well .... but trying to plug that male USB into the ERIS in the dark while the wife(girlfriend, harem, boyfriend, not that there is anything wrong with that) is sleeping is a pain in the butt! I still can't get it. Keep waking her up.

    I'll be looking for someone to make a standard "drop-in" one day. Somebody email me and you can have my SEIDIO for $8.
  22. EdDroid

    EdDroid Newbie

    BTW, Caddyman....LMAO! :D

    tnx for the pic
  23. EdDroid

    EdDroid Newbie

    Oops, I wasn't perfectly clear......When someone markets a custom drop-in cradle (that fits the ERIS, and I can throw my ERIS into it even in the dark) then the first person to email me where I can get it (and it is reasonable and I get it) can have my SEIDIO for $8 plus whatever shipping is needed.

  24. cevMkV

    cevMkV Well-Known Member

    :thinking:i have the seidio case and dont have any problems mounting the phone
  25. IzelTokatl

    IzelTokatl Android Enthusiast

    yes, I do it all the time already. just plug the USB into the wall USB charge converter you got. I have a credit card cradle to set it sideways and use it as my alarm clock facing me at night. i'll eventually get a real cradle but the card cradle I made suits me fine for now.

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