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Desktop docking cradle...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Willie Heckerslyke, May 29, 2010.

  1. Willie Heckerslyke

    Thread Starter

    I've been nothing but Uber-impressed with my Desire since I've had it....to the point that I can't put it down!

    This in itself has led to a problem.... It can do sooo much, that it struggles to keep up with my demands of it!

    I absolutely 'hammer' it all day long, doing the things that it was designed to do.....trouble being, it wasn't designed to them all....ALL day long....!

    Because of this...I've found it struggling to last for one of 'my' full days...

    I'll explain - I work 12hr shifts, so on certain days (when I'm working)....I can be up from like 9am untill about 8am the following morning....and all this time, I'm whacking my phone!

    Once or twice, I've found myself having to stop using it as I 'usually' do, and just leave it in my pocket waiting for any txts, tweets etc to come up as it's about to die-a-death!

    I looked on ebay to try and get a second battery to help me out. I found a supplier that can do the docking station PLUS a spare battery for the Desire.

    Now don't get me wrong...this supplier isn't ideal....I ordered it and it took 3 WEEKS to get here, but now it has, all my troubles have now disappeared.....

    I can now charge my Desire overnight on the very (classy-looking) cradle - plus my spare battery too...so now I can absolutely hammer the phone ALL day...and IF it seems to be about to die....just pop the fully charged extra battery in...and I'm immediately back to where I was when I got up 1st thing (now THERE'S something you can't do with the iphone ;) )

    As a bonus (for me at least...) the supplier has actually put TWO batteries in the delivery....so now I'm even better off than I thought I was going to be :) They've obviously dropped a b*****k as it clearly states...ONE extra battery...but hey, I'm not complaining!

    If you can stand the wait, I'd deffo go for the extra leeway it offers...

    Here's the link..

    [​IMG] Cradle & Battery

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  2. Zesty2k

    Zesty2k Lurker

    bought me a desktop charger too...thankfully i have official desire batteries on tap and have 3 atm :)
  3. Willie Heckerslyke

    Thread Starter

    TBH...these batteries don't seem any different to the genuine one that came with it either.....infact, I've left one of the generic ones in....at least untill I get into work tomorrow and probably find it running really low....then I'll pop the fully-charged HTC battery again.

    And as the batt's are so thin, you can carry one around in your pocket and not even know it's there....
  4. Uncle Tupelo

    Uncle Tupelo Newbie

    I pre-ordered this a few weeks back. The company wrote to say that the extended life battery is still 4-6 weeks away, so they sent the charging cradle last week and the battery will follow when available (they've only charged for the charger so far). The cradle is excellent and the price for cradle, mains charger, usb lead, extended battery and back battery cover for phone pretty reasonable IMO.

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