Detect when both me and GF is out of house


I use Tasker each day, for example car mode when i connect to BT in the car, schoolmode when GCal says i'm at school and workmode when i'm at work.

When i come home, my lights turn on. I'm using a tellstick and the Remotestick app with tasker plugin. I would love to be able to turn off the lights when i leave home(Wifi disconnected), but my GF would kill me if the lights turn off when she's home, haha.

Is it possible to set tasker to turn the lights off when her phones MACadress is NOT on the network, but keep them on if she's home? Are there other possibilities i can try to get this working? She's not using tasker on her phone at the moment, but i can set it up for her. She's also using Gcal for work and school appointments.

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My need was somewhat similar. If at the office, use WiFi and if nit in the office don't use WiFi. I did it with two profiles ...

Profile: tlaOfficeFar
State: Not Wifi Connected [ SSID:TLANET-2.4GHz/TLANET-5GHz MAC:* IP:* ]
Enter: tlaOfficeFar
A1: Wait [ MS:0 Seconds:0 Minutes:1 Hours:0 Days:0 ]
A2: Variable Split [ Name:%WIFII Splitter: Delete Base:Off ]
A3: Perform Task [ Name:tlaWiFiDisable Priority:5 Parameter 1 (%par1): Parameter 2 (%par2): Return Value Variable: Stop:Off ] If [ %WIFII2 !~ CONNECTION ]

Profile: tlaOfficeNear
State: Wifi Near [ SSID:TLANET-2.4GHz/TLANET-5GHz MAC:* Capabilities:* Min. Activate Signal Level:5 Channel:0 Toggle Wifi:Off ]
Enter: tlaOfficeNear
A1: Wait [ MS:0 Seconds:0 Minutes:1 Hours:0 Days:0 ]
A2: Perform Task [ Name:tlaWiFiEnable Priority:5 Parameter 1 (%par1): Parameter 2 (%par2): Return Value Variable: Stop:Off ]

You need two profiles running on each of your phones.

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Thanks for the answer, Thom!

Is "TLANET-2.4GHz/TLANET-5GHz" the network you both use at home? If i add those profiles, the lights, in my case, will keep on if she's home and i leave for school/work?

I can toggle them on or off in tasker. for example:
LED behind TV: OFF

My GF works "on the road", so i can't set up her phone with a work/school wifi.
I'm gonna test something with our calendars. If she's at work and i disconnects from my homerouter, it will turn off, but if she's not busy in her calendar, it will keep on. It's not foolproof though. For example if she's out shopping, it will not be in the calendar.
TLANET-2.4GHz and TLANET-5GHz are the ids of the two networks in my office. The "/" is an "or".

These profiles control WiFi access by the device they are running in.

If either network is not present then WiFi is disabled in the phone and data will be through the network.

If either network is near then WiFi is enabled in the phone and data will be through the WiFi connection.

I would assume that you could use the id of your work network and the id of your home network.

The function that you perform will of course be different from the one I do of enabling/disabling the WiFi connection.

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Isn't the problem here about having a way of telling phone A that phone B is within range of the house WiFi?