Detecting Furniture & Purchasable Paint Colors?


Galaxy S20 Ultra
News Moderator
This app looks really neat and useful, but I've got 2 primary questions:
  • The example photos just show a wall with nothing else in the room- will this app detect furniture and objects and paint behind it?
  • Are the colors you can test in the app actual paint colors from a company like Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams? Or just random colors?
I think that latter question is especially important since even small changes in color can make a big impact on the room. However, I could see this being helpful anyways to determine general paint color (like picking between green, blue, red, etc)


The app can detect objects around it and avoid painting them, it can paint shadows as long as they are not too dark. As for color choice it currently allows you to set any rgb color, if you wanted to choose a paint color from a product you could find its hex code and use that. I might add support for paint products in the future depending on how quickly this app grows