Developer Required: Draw arrows on a photo and save new image.



I require somebody to develop image annotation functionality for integration with an existing application or point me to an example that I can customise.

The requirement is as follows:

*Load a photo from the device gallery.

* Add at least one arrow to the photo similar the functionality provided by Skitch | Evernote.

*Zoom in and out of the photo to place the arrows.

*Undo actions.

*Save the annotated photo

*Add text
*Change colours

The existing application is written in C# using Xamarin Studio.
I would like the developer to provide C# code compatible with Xamarin Studio.

Following successful completion of this activity there is potential for further customisation and additional tasks.

Long term I am hoping to find a competent C# Xamarin Studio developer for Android to hire on a per task basis.

Please get in touch if you can fulfil this requirement.

Best regards,