Apps Development Question- Cannot get Eclipse to actually install apps on this phone! (HTC Evo V 4G)


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I recently got into programming as a result of attending a summer camp where we wrote a rudimentary Android app using AppInventor (fantastic program to start programming by the way).

Anyway, I decided to dabble in some real programming for Android, and I hit a (minor) hurdle. As I was going through the Android Developer tutorial, I tried to run the app on my phone. Eclipse threw this at me:

[HIGH][2013-07-16 02:36:43 - MyFirstApp] Uploading MyFirstApp.apk onto device 'HT26FHX05561'
[2013-07-16 02:36:43 - MyFirstApp] Installing MyFirstApp.apk...
[2013-07-16 02:36:44 - MyFirstApp] Success!
[2013-07-16 02:36:44 - MyFirstApp] Starting activity com.example.myfirstapp.MainActivity on device HT26FHX05561[/HIGH]

Looks great right? Except NOTHING happened on my phone. No app popped up, nothing in my app drawer, nothing happened. I have USB Debugging enabled, I've used ADB with this phone and laptop at least a thousand times, and I've even been in fastboot. I'm stumped. Anyone have any idea why Eclipse says everything is okay, but it really isn't?


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You're going to need to install HTC Sync (terrible piece of software, but necessary). I had this phone briefly last fall and I remember that it was quite a process to get working. HTC's drivers are lumped in with their Sync software. I don't remember which USB setting it needed after that, but there are only about 3 of them so trial and error at that stage shouldn't be brutal.

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Good Luck!