Dec 15, 2009
hello everyone, im new to the forums and love the android platform. i currently own an iphone 3gs and am extremely dissapointed with it, the volume is horrible, i miss calls and texts all the time while the phone is in my pocket, speaker phone is worthless, the ui is dated and offers no customization or real use of the home screen as far as displaying info. so im currently torn between 2 possible devices, both would be unlocked and run on AT&T here in the US. im torn between the acer liquid and the htc hero. my concern with the acer is the looks of the phone, its so cheap and bulky looking (esp compared to my current iphone), although i love the fact that it has a snapdragon processor even if it is declocked. my concern with the hero is the dated processor, i want a phone that wont run sluggish and will able to keep up with future android updates without the processor being an issue performance wise. i also have a very large music collection (19gb) which i do intend to store on an sd card and play music while at the gym, ect, so i need a phone thats capable of handling such a large music library, one pro with my iphone is that it does this very well. most might say get an ipod, well i feel its more convenient to carry around 1 device rather than 2, esp while at the gym. also since i would be running the device unlocked, will i have any trouble upgrading to future andoid versions seeing as how the updates are carrier specific? any advice/info would be greatly appreciated.
i dont have either phone that you are interested in so i cannot comment but i will say i had the 3gs since it came out and the ponly reason i got rid of it was the extra 30-40 a month i was paying. i never had any of the issues you describe with that phone. i do rad alot of good things about the hero. take a look at its forum. welcome aboard
come on guys, someone has to have experience with either phone, help me ditch the iphone lol