Device memory

I am unable to get into my gallery as it stated that last needed to delete files. I have an SD card which is quite full admittedly. I have deleted over 150 photos, some videos, heaps of emails, some apps and app data. I have cleared caches and it shows l have memory there but l still cannot sync any emails or get into my photos so l just deleted another 50 photos plus all my recent files l had opened and some documents and it still says l don't have enough. Please help!


Smoke me a kipper...
How much free internal storage do you have? SD doesn't count for this purpose.

Android needs some free space as working storage, so some things (e.g. installing apps) stop working when you get below some minimum. This depends on the phone, but is likely to be around 500MB, maybe more. I wouldn't expect this to stop you accessing the gallery though.