Jun 7, 2021
Device: Zenfone 5 (ZE620KL)

OS: Android 9 Latest non Beta WW version (Never been rooted, unlocked, not a power user)
Symptoms: Power Cycling (?) when plugged in
Can't load into the OS (dies before the loading animation)
No recovery menu, only fastboot mode

How did it happened

G'day folks, some days ago i was using my device Zenfone 5 (ZE620KL) to navigate around the city using google maps, when i arrived i noticed that the battery is at 6% and didn't think much of it as i turned the maps off and lock the screen. Throughout the next 45 minutes i basically held the phone standing around waiting on a queue, needing to text someone i pressed the power button and it's dead, well a classic ran out of battery case right? NO when i got home and plugged the charger and the battery image shows up aand it just dies (didnt even reach the animated charging screen)(power cycling) and then it kept on doing that, 3 different chargers, 3 different cables nope... tried removing the charger and turning it on, it only shows the powered by android and the asus picture and didnt reach the loading animation before it dies. can't access recovery mode, but the CSC fastboot mode do show up but since it has never been rooted or tinkered with probably the fastboot menu is useless right? Main objective is to atleast get my files back :(
Any help will be endlessly appreciated
EDIT: while it's on CSC fastboot menu i plugged it into a windows pc and the pc plays the *device has been plugged in* sound but no autoplay option.
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It sounds like your battery is toast.
Unfortunately, these devices run off of the battery even while plugged in- so even if the charger is working, a rotten battery will keep the device from working.