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{DEVONLY}do not flash on sequent

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by boricuakiller, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. boricuakiller

    boricuakiller Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    can some make something like this for the zte suequent

    Stock with minfree value adjustment (much faster & stable)


    -Init.d (Busybox run-parts)
    -Busybox installed


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  2. boricuakiller

    boricuakiller Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    battery on esteem was horrible before and after this kernel battery improve bigtime can someone make something like this for zte suequent i think will be great i dont know if is possible but dont hurt try
  3. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Android Expert
    Recognized Developer

    I just fully adjusted the minfree values on my rom
  4. boricuakiller

    boricuakiller Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    man u quick brou cant wait to see and try the update
  5. boricuakiller

    boricuakiller Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    this will be nice in the sequent
  6. money15

    money15 Android Enthusiast

    Try playing around with Rom toolbox app u can adjust the minfree values
  7. money15

    money15 Android Enthusiast

    Has anyone ever tried the app GREENIFY? It seems to work pretty good it makes apps only run when you actually use the app...it seems to smoothen the system and save battery
  8. otacon239

    otacon239 Member

    As I was reading through this, I was thinking, "What about ROM Toolbo- darn beat me to it..."
  9. Seraph08

    Seraph08 Android Expert

    Really truly bluely would not recommend that.
  10. money15

    money15 Android Enthusiast

    K who cares...try greenify...
  11. money15

    money15 Android Enthusiast

    I've messed with them on Rom toolbox I don't know why u would say that u can always change it back which I did......it's when u start messing with themes on it when u can get in trouble
  12. Seraph08

    Seraph08 Android Expert

    Or...Or.... stop dressing up your UI with nonsense. These ROMs come set up performance wise, just turn them on. Themes, this is CM you have the T-Mobile Theme Chooser. I don't do themes so I am not the guy to talk to about those tools

    I am not at all suggesting not to make your phone your design. All I'm suggesting is what I have come to find through trial and error. Kinda the point of this forum.
  13. money15

    money15 Android Enthusiast

    I just know I tried changing some icons on status bar with Rom toolbox and it wasn't good on stock b09
  14. Seraph08

    Seraph08 Android Expert

    The stock roms you're going to have that kind of problem with but basically anything that is CM related will either have rom control/theme chooser/xposed:)or something like that
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  15. boricuakiller

    boricuakiller Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    this will be nice now that we have the kernel source

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