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DGM T-702 7" Tablet for under

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Shocky, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Shocky

    Shocky Android Expert
    Thread Starter

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  2. Yatsushiro

    Yatsushiro Lurker

    I've got one, it's a great tablet; it's actually a rebadged Skytex Alpha 2. Got mine from ebuyer, for
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  3. Shocky

    Shocky Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Thanks, found allot of reviews for the tablet under that name. :)
  4. kilkof

    kilkof Lurker

    i seem to be having trouble updating the one i have. i follow the instructions on the skytex webste but nothing happens. any sugeestions
  5. Yatsushiro

    Yatsushiro Lurker

    I followed precisely the Skytex instructions, and it worked without issue.

    What problems are you having ?
  6. B Ogbrush

    B Ogbrush Lurker

  7. Dimpoc

    Dimpoc Lurker

    This might be a long shot but have you tried restoring factory settings on the device. It may bring your accelerometer back to life.

    Also which version of the Skytex ics did you install, was it the beta version in the newer full release they have brought out.

    I have seen the Skytex Skypad alpha 2 be called the sumvision cyclone astro.

    Let me know if that helps?
  8. B Ogbrush

    B Ogbrush Lurker

    I installed the official Skytex Skypad Alpha 2 4.0 Firmware v1.0 for my baseband version. I'm still waiting for a response from Skytex as to whether the DGM tablet is a re-badged Alpha 2 I don't want to do a factory reset yet until I hear from Skytex
  9. B Ogbrush

    B Ogbrush Lurker

  10. Yatsushiro

    Yatsushiro Lurker

    All of my research led me to believe that the T-702 is identical to the Skypad Alpha 2, and also the Eken T02. Perhaps I was incorrect in using the term 're-badged'...

    I loaded the Skypad A2 ICS Beta, which worked fine, with the same issues as A2 users (no auto-rotate). As soon as it was released, I loaded the A2 official ICS firmware (after loading the 2.3.4 firmware first, to see which baseband I had). My T-702 now functions flawlessly as an ICS tablet.

    I'm sorry you feel misled, that was not my intention. Have you tried going back to the A2 2.3.4 firmware ? That should restore your 'original' functionality. If it doesn't, it may point to a hardware issue, rather than soft/firm ware.
  11. B Ogbrush

    B Ogbrush Lurker

    I have now found a version of Android ICS firmware that seems compatible with my DGM T-702. This firmware gives full functionality of the G-sensor and screen rotation.

    If you have a DGM T-702 on old firmware PM me and I will supply a link to the firmware I am using.

    I will send this information on the understanding that I bear NO responsibility if this firmware does not work on your Android device. Please research before installation. Just because this works on my DGM T-702 I cannot guarantee it will work on yours.
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  12. I was hoping to pass on my iPad 1 to my daughter & get the new iPad for myself. Unfortunately money was too tight so I thought we'd try the DGM T-702 via Groupon as a birthday treat instead. I wished I had saved my time & money as have had nothing but problems with the bloody thing.

    First the delivery was delayed because of 'supplier issues' then it froze within 24 hrs of using it! Contacted Box.co.uk who handled the promo and was told that as I no longer lived in the UK we could not return it as 14 days had expired (hello? wrapped up for three weeks awaiting her birthday!) So we were fobbed off to DGM - well what a shower of shite they are! I knew I was going to have trouble when I tried to register on their site and no browsers would work on my Mac (the captcha was not even visible) I then tried good old Windows via Firefox - no joy! So even though it nearly killed me I fired up IE for the first time in years. 2 attempts and we finally registered it. Now the emails began. At first I was pleasantly surprised that they would help us after we explained everything - they asked for our details so they could send a firmware update - I sent them - they then wanted the serial number - Ok sent that- then waited 3 days until I emailed them for an update to get the reply "as you do not live in the UK your warranty is no longer valid! I've tried explaining to them that if it's just a firmware update that needs to be done I do not need a physical address to do that as this is software not hardware!! And as he wanted
  13. B Ogbrush

    B Ogbrush Lurker

    PM's replied to :)
  14. jachol

    jachol Newbie

    Hi all,

    I fell for the Skypad Alpha 2 deal, thinking the DGM T-702 was rebadged ...

    and I thought I had a good backup of the original firmware, but no joy

    when I tried to restore.

    I have all the problems posted earlier, and worst of all the tab is no longer

    rooted, and I don't have full access to Google Play Store.

    I've sent a PM to B Ogbrush asking for the link to a workable ROM, hope I

    get a reply soon. ... Jack
  15. jachol

    jachol Newbie

    OK, thanks to B Ogbrushs link, tab is now up and running ICS, previous

    problems seem to be solved. It did come up running in Chinese language

    initially, and caused a bit of head scratching until I'd got into settings to

    change the language.

    The ROM isn't rooted, but does access Google Play store, and most of the

    unwanted crud is already removed.

    There's no immediate need to root, but I would like to install ROM Manager

    + Clockwork mod (needs root) to set up backup and recovery. I need also

    to find if possible a way to boot into recovery mode from startup.

    Ideas anyone ?. ... Jack
  16. jachol

    jachol Newbie

    Hi All,

    I see Digimate (DGM ?) are offering an ICS update for the T-702, but charge

    GBP 6.0 for it.

    DGM - FAQ & Support

    The update seems to be supplied in a somewhat roundabout way.

    Has anyone tried this ?. My T-702 had Android 2.3 and was already rooted,

    so I'd assume the update is also rooted, which may be worth consideration.

    ... Jack
  17. B Ogbrush

    B Ogbrush Lurker

    Although my tablet was working fine with the software I found in the end I opted to pay DGM for their ICS update (this angered me because a far as I could see DGM are the only supplier of these type of tablets that charge for an ICS update)

    The update comes delivered on a micro SC card. The card is inserted and the tablet turned on and the update begins automatically. The update also installs the DGM branding.
  18. jachol

    jachol Newbie

    Thanks for that info ... can you say if the new firmware is rooted ?. I agree

    charging for an update is unusual, DGM are squeezing their customers.

    The fact that it comes on a card is a + , at least you have a permanent


    I noted after the install from your link, that the tab was shown as a T02A,

    and followed up with a search for info on T02A, this turned out to be an

    Eken model ( see pics here) ...


    These show an updated version (1.5GB Processor), but apart from that I'd

    say the T-702 comes from this stable.

    On Ekens support web site there is a firmware download for the T02A

    which turned out to be identical to the one in your link, it's a very slow

    download though ... took over an hour.

    EKEN Tablet PC,Car DVR Support Download Center

    So there is more info for anyone wanting ICS for the T-702. ... Jack
  19. B Ogbrush

    B Ogbrush Lurker

    I don't know if the DGM firmware is rooted or not. I don't know much about Android OS. I did this for SHMBO for her DGM tablet. I'm more of an IOS guy.

    I found the update I provided from woPad USA
  20. jachol

    jachol Newbie

    Quote. ...
    I don't know if the DGM firmware is rooted or not. I don't know much about Android OS. I did this for SHMBO for her DGM tablet. I'm more of an IOS guy.

    I found the update I provided from woPad USA


    Check if you have "Superuser" installed, and if so check if it will run, if it does

    it's rooted. The original Android 2.3 firmware had this. The advantage of being

    rooted is that some software can't be installed if it's not, and you can get

    rid also of preinstalled progs you don't need.

    Another problem I've found with this tab is that there doesn't seem to be a

    way of getting into recovery mode, previous models I've experience of, you

    could hold down Volume + and power buttons together, aand they boot into

    recovery that allows you to restore previous backups stored on the SD

    card. ... Jack
  21. Rabid1

    Rabid1 Android Enthusiast

    Most AllWinner A10 tablets come from the factory rooted, they just don't install superuser.

    Also most Allwinner A10 tablets do not have a recovery option. They run off Livesuit which uses a bootstrap mode. Some like the Alpha 2 and the T02A use a hardware button or they use this method.

    1. Power off the tablet
    2. Plug tablet into PC
    3. Run Livesuit and pick the image file you wish to use. The program will go to the 0% screen.
    4.Hold down the volume down button (-) and continue to hold it.
    5. Press the power button for just a second or two. (This can be tricky, too long and the tablet reboots.)
    6.Now quickly press and release the power button 3 or 4 times. You will hear two connect sounds and Livesuit should prompt you twice to start the image. You can release the volume down and continue.
  22. jachol

    jachol Newbie

    Thanks for the info ... The DGM-702 does use Livesuite to install an image,

    but I haven't needed to use the power button, if the install doesn't run

    first time on the PC, the instructions (Originally from Skypad) just tell you

    to do a quick disconnect/reconnect of the USB connector on the tab, that

    does the trick, and away the reflash goes. It is already rooted I find.

    I have found out the hard way that ROM manager, and hence

    Clockworkmod aren't compatible with this tablet.

    Just for the record, my tab is running stably with the Eken TO2 firmware

    No problems to date. ... Jack
  23. viraf87

    viraf87 Lurker

    Out of curiosity does anyone find this tablet to run incredibly slowly? I bought this for my partner back in May (Groupon offer) and she's been going her merry way for all this time. I had a go on it the other day and found it to be unbelievably laggy and slow. I have a rooted Desire and even with a Sense 3 ROM running GB it doesn't run this slow.

    I'd assumed when I bought it, looking at the specs, it would be very smooth (or at least smooth to some extent!)

    She said that this is how it has been running since I bought it for her. She just thought it was normal.

    Is it?

    It came running ICS. Is the Eken update any good Jack?


  24. jachol

    jachol Newbie

    Hi Viraf,

    Originally my Tab ran Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), and I wasn't particularly impressed with it's performance, since installing the Eken version of ICS, it runs much better.

    I've tried one or two other versions of ICS previously, and had
    problems. Since installing Eken no problems at all it works fine for me.

    The Eken version is fully rooted BTW. ... Jack
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  25. viraf87

    viraf87 Lurker

    Thanks Jack. I'll give it a go when I get home tonight. I assume I follow the LiveSuit method outlined above?

    I'll have a see if Titanium backup works on the current version so that she doesn't lose anything... Fingers crossed.

    Thanks again; I'll update with how it goes


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