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Dialing and Answering phone calls....and cutting off calls...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by giajen, May 26, 2010.

  1. giajen

    giajen Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm having an awful time w/my Eris when it comes to picking up calls and an even worse time dialing out. Everything is delayed after pressing keys. This morning I went to dial someone and when it didn't dial I set the phone down to use my office phone and then out of the corner of my eye I see it was calling the person. Once I had the person on the phone w/in a minute my cheek (I'm assuming) ended the call. So the screen was in the call history list so I pressed his name again to call and it called the next person below on the list. It was probably adding his name to the call history and moved the list but because it was delayed it dialed the wrong person. I love this phone EXCEPT FOR PHONE CALLS. I'm going into Verizon today to complain. They will be able to tell from my call history how frequently I'm missing calls because the phone doesn't pick up and then I redial back. 5 calls back and forth for a 2 minute conversations!!

    Also, the vibrate lags with anything phone call related.

    Is anyone else having this problem??? I had the same problem before the software update last weekend!


    UPDATE....I went to Verizon yesterday. They definitely could see the problem I was having. They said since it's still under warranty they will replace it with a new phone. They were out of stock in the store so they are shipping it. I was frustrated and said how inconvenient all of this is and asked what it would take to upgrade to the Incredible or the Motorola. She said they were out of those and that even if they had them I wouldn't be able to upgrade unless I paid full retail. She said if I continue to have problems with the new phone at that point they'd consider it. We'll see what happens.

    Also, just in response to some comments below...I do not have any audible alerts on :-(

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  2. mdeblaz

    mdeblaz Android Enthusiast

    I've been noticing this starting to happen to me lately, only twice... and it's especially bad if you're using your phone to browse around when a call comes in. I've hung up on some pretty important calls this way... (i.e. recruiters, as I'm currently unemployed) and am completely embarrassed to call back and apologize.
  3. lilbballer27

    lilbballer27 Android Enthusiast

    Yes I love this phone, but the dialer is awful and so is ignoring calls by accident. I have ignored a few calls that have been important also, but really nothing you can do. The dialer is just slow. It was improved a little bit in 2.1, but if your still having problems best thing I guess is to go to Verizon like you are.
  4. pacedrum69

    pacedrum69 Well-Known Member

    Ive had the exact same problems....SUPER laggy dialer...took me 45 min to make a call yesterday...i was ready to smash my phone...lol.... Im waiting for my replacement right now....should be here any minute.... then Ill decide if im gonna root or not. :)
    Currently running the v3 leak:cool:
  5. DrNathan

    DrNathan Newbie

    That has happened to me several times. I can't figure out how to answer the phone without hanging up on the person.
  6. rick311

    rick311 Android Enthusiast

    some finds have been:

    Disable audible tones for the dialer.

    Install call log trimmer from the market and trim to about 10 calls in list.

    those should help a bit.
  7. JDG63

    JDG63 Newbie

    Just did a factory reset after OTA update and still suffer from silent bug. Verizon contacted and new phone on the way from Verizon.
  8. thoroside

    thoroside Newbie

    Horrible, mine not only lags, i.e., hitting the 9 key, and it stays stuck on it for 4-5 seconds with a loud tone, before moving onto the next number I hit. But worse, my phone goes thrue episodes of when it wants to dial and connect someone and when it doesnt. I'll call my girlfriend, and the counter will begin, but I will hear nothing, nothing at all, she will pick up and hear nothing. Then she'll call me back, and my phone won't actually ring, but I'll see a new call coming in, I'll answer and recieve the same exact problem, I hear nothing, and neither does she. This will continue until I reboot my phone. This happens daily at least, and I have to reboot each time, the whole episode of missing calls, powering down, and powering up takes about 10 minutes each time. God forbid I'm caught in an emergency. As soon as my life slows down a bit, in the middle of a move, I'm taking the thing into Verizon and bitching. Can't stand this phone, I really do hate it.
  9. kushdoctor

    kushdoctor Newbie

    I have been dealing with dialer lag since i got my eris. Dialing out and receiving calls have both been problems. I ended up just being a little more patient when the dialer appears and be sure to only press the buttons once. I'm using the v3 leak.
  10. rick311

    rick311 Android Enthusiast

    turn off audible tones. you will notice a HUGE difference.
  11. Im having the same problem. I call and the counter starts but there is no ring. Cant hear anything and the other person knows Im calling but they cant hear anything either
  12. Kryo

    Kryo Newbie

    I love almost everything about the Eris except the dialer lag is horrible. I can't believe such a cool phone is plagued with it. I also notice it when trying to get the handcent SMS to send a txt. I'm really starting to think about looking for a different phone...if a phone can't be used for its basic functionality then what's the point?

    I'm not sure swapping the phone for a new one is going to make much difference. This bug seems to be affecting alot of people. I'm running leak v3. I had the problem before I did the update too, so I know it wasn't introduced in the update.

    Has anyone one else had better luck with a new Eris that they swapped for?
  13. rick311

    rick311 Android Enthusiast

    i disabled dialer tone and ive had great success with having VERY little to no lag with the dialer.
  14. quddus702

    quddus702 Lurker

    I was having problems with v2 and I was so scared to update the phone to v3 because of all the problems. But I have to say ever since I went to version 3 I had no problems at all. In fact it corrected so many of the problems I had. Apps not working. Internet opening and closing.

    Phone is smooth now:D I hope it last
  15. kennethpm

    kennethpm Newbie

    I just disabled the dialer tones, so we will see what happens, i've also cleared
    the call history.

    I have had terrible time with dialer lag. Today I tried to get my voicemail and
    everytime i tried to put my code in, the lag caused me to be unable to get my
    voicemail. It takes so long for a code number to register, you repeat it and then
    end up putting in the wrong code once the entire thing you've typed in 'registers'.
    This seems to be getting worse and worse.
    Also, when I hit "end call' to try to disconnect from a call, it delays so bad that I hit it a second time, and as a result after about 10 seconds it ends up re-dialing the person
    i had just attempted to end the call with.

    this is really horrifying. why do they put out a phone with these kinds of dialing/lag problems?
  16. Kryo

    Kryo Newbie

    I disabled the dialer tones the minute I got the phone, which was in mid February. I have found that if I press firmly and hold a little longer on each button when dialing it is a little more responsive.

    Does anyone know if this happens if you have the official OTA update to 2.1?
  17. manderle

    manderle Well-Known Member

    Try the app called Not Call Log. As soon as the hangup happens it takes you back to the home screen instead of leaving you in the dialer. Saved my sanity.
  18. Eris1981

    Eris1981 Android Enthusiast

    After doing a factory reset just after my OTA update I have minimal lag with the dialer tones on.

    Slower, but no complaints. I usually just click the person in my call history, or use voice dial when in the car. It isn't often I call people outside of my phonebook. It has not been an issue on my phone when I have had to actually dial.

    I get *some* lag in texts, but run task killer and everything springs back to life, dialing as well.

    Edit: I only run on about 60mb of ram.
  19. mc48

    mc48 Android Enthusiast

    the phone and dialer have always been the weakest part of this phone imo. What the OP describes is exactly what I went thru when i first got the phone in November especially in regards to the misdialing. Very frustrating and embarrassing at times. Two apps that have helped me a lot are Not Call Log as Manderle mentioned and also Call Confirm which adds an extra step where you to confirm that is the person you want to call before the call goes thru. A little extra step but really has saved a lot of misdials.
  20. Houstatlanavegas

    Houstatlanavegas Well-Known Member

    ive been had this problem but i here that dialer one basically takes these problems away try it out lemme kno
  21. cableguynoe

    cableguynoe Android Expert

    I definately recommend Dialer One.
    If you're rooted you can make it your default dialer.
    But even just as an app on your home screen makes dialing much easier!

    You can find it here

  22. laurentypo

    laurentypo Member

    I've had the dialer problem since the update. At first it was great, but then on day 2 of the new system, dialing sucked! It takes me 3-4 tries to actually make a successful phonecall. The first 2 calls usually end up in me hanging up on a person. Sometimes the call doesn't have the little green call symbol until about 30 seconds after the person is connected, which causes me to think my phone dialer didn't work. Then I hear my purse "talking," because it did go through! Embarrassing..
  23. tgulch22

    tgulch22 Android Enthusiast

    I revommend a new UI. I had the laggy dialer on sense also. I started using Zeam, and just recently moved to Launcher Pro..and have zero lag in the dialer....

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