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Dialing Code String for DROID CHARGE and FASCINATE

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DrDr4ideL, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. DrDr4ideL

    DrDr4ideL Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hell yes!
    After a few hours trying to uncover the dialing code string for the Droid Charge & Fascinate, I finally figured it out!
    I've dug into *almost* all the AndroidManifest.xmls to compose a list of hidden menus you can gain access to.

    I shouldn't have to say it, but I will..
    I'm not responsible if you brick your phone.
    Play with these things at your own risk.
    Even if I said it's been tested by me and confirmed to work.
    It's not my fault if your phone takes a crap on you.
    Make a backup of your phone.

    I will be doing some more testing and will uncover more hidden menus, but this is what I have for now..

    Some members of another forum where having trouble using these codes and I've discovered that you need Hiddenmenu enabled. To enable Hiddenmenu, do the following:

    Go into the Dialer and enter *#83786633 then press the Home key
    Go back into the phone dialer and enter *#22745927
    Now a box will come up asking for the SPC code. Enter 000000
    Press the Hiddenmenu Enable radio button.

    Now you can use these codes.

    The dialing code string you have to use is *#<code>#

    Here are some things you can gain access to

    Audio Tuning
    Several audio tuning menus.
    I've only tested the two items below:

    To silence boot and shutdown audio go to Situation/BOOTSOUND and turn the values to 0. I've tested and confirmed this works.

    To silence the volume key audio when turning the volume up/down go to Situation/VOLUMEKEY and turn the values to 0. I've tested and confirmed this works.

    Full Bat Popup
    This allows you to disable the full battery pop-up.
    I have tested this and it works successfully.

    Audio path volume controls. Most importantly, it looks like there's a sidetone adjustment.
    I have not tested any of these items yet.

    This enables you to shut your phone off by long-pressing the power/lock key.
    No more pop-up confirmation.
    I have tested this and it works successfully.
    I've also discovered by doing this, it will disable the puzzle/glass unlock screen.
    Personally, having to push a button and slide the screen is redundant.
    I like the one-step process.

    Diag/Testing Mode



  2. smguy101

    smguy101 Member

    tested the full battery disable. It worked!!! Thanks a bunch!!!
  3. kyler13

    kyler13 Android Expert

    Awesome! I was looking for this info last night. Should be able to enable native hotspot tethering through test mode with this. Again, thanks!!!!!
  4. eristocrat

    eristocrat Newbie

    Shutdown code also allows you to wake the phone using any of the bottom 4 buttons. Cool
    unfortunately it doesn't play well with NoLed app. Not getting my visual notifications.
  5. shadowdude777

    shadowdude777 Android Expert

    HwCodec and Audio Tuning do not work on the Gingerbread 2.3.4 leak. Sammy must have changed something.

    Still, thanks SO much for giving me a way to disable the lockscreen. I can finally use LockMenu the way it was intended, because the NoLock app didn't work. :)
  6. redenfield

    redenfield Newbie

    Go to Dialer and enter *#83786633, then press the home key
    Go back into the Dialer, clear those numbers, then *#22745927
    Now a screen will appear asking for the SPC Code, enter 000000
    Press the Hiddenmenu Enable radio button, then press home button

    To disable the lock screen (and power down pop up), go back into the Dialer and use the code *#7594#, select Shutdown and press the Home button. This, I have confirmed, does work on the Charge

    Not sure why it does not allow the 4 buttons at the bottom to wake the screen, still have to press the power button on the side. Any ideas?
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  7. Gnomatic

    Gnomatic Newbie

    hmm ..... I enabled Shutdown on my Charge, but once the phone goes to sleep, hitting any of the four buttons on the front will not wake up the phone.

    Too bad because I'd really like this featured enabled on my phone.
  8. DocBeech

    DocBeech Member

    thanks, no more fully chrged crap
  9. Yankees368

    Yankees368 Android Enthusiast

    Has anyone discovered a field test app in these hidden menus? I would love to see what my LTE signal strength is!
  10. Bandin03

    Bandin03 Lurker

    You can already do that.

    Settings - About Phone - Status - Signal Strength

    I tried the code to disable the Battery Full notification, the number just disappeared and nothing happened, I assume that means it's disabled now correct?
  11. Yankees368

    Yankees368 Android Enthusiast

    No, you can't. That level is only for CDMA 1x, not even EVDO, and especially not LTE.
    So I tried the get rid of the 100% battery thing and it did not work. Any ideas>?
  12. jaybert

    jaybert Lurker

    i verified on my phone that this does not work. i made the change, but it still beeps (changed my notification settings back to having a sound) when it is fully charged. Maybe a reboot is necessary? going to give that a shot and see if it happens.
  13. Yankees368

    Yankees368 Android Enthusiast

    I rebooted this morning, went back to 100% and still got the message. Damn.
  14. jaybert

    jaybert Lurker

    yep i just verified the same. went back into the menu and confirmed the disable button was in fact checked.
  15. speeddemon40

    speeddemon40 Newbie

    So it wakes it, but its still locked right?
  16. eristocrat

    eristocrat Newbie

    No, mine will wake using any of the buttons but no more lock screen.
  17. Gnomatic

    Gnomatic Newbie

    I wonder why enabling Shutdown on my Charge will not set the front buttons to wake the phone?
  18. eristocrat

    eristocrat Newbie

    I think it may have something to do with the app. NoLed.??
  19. Gnomatic

    Gnomatic Newbie

    Had NoLed installed when I enabled Shutdown.

    I uninstalled NoLed, disabled Shutdown, and powered down the phone. When I powered on the phone again, I then re enabled Shutdown on my Charge.

    Still can't set the front buttons to wake the phone

    This is a pretty important feature for me, so I appreciate help.:eek:
  20. graybeardnc

    graybeardnc Newbie

    Wow! Thanks for posting (I officially thanked OP, but that just didn't seem adequate).

    I've been putting the phone in silent mode before shutting it off at night, so I wouldn't wake my wife with the alert for shutting down, or the alert when booting up. Also, the full battery alert woke us both up last night! The fix worked great! At least for shutdown/startup, I'll test the full battery alert tonight.

    The Shutdown feature works well also. I agree that the swipe is redundant for unlocking the phone. It also makes it difficult to do with one hand.

    What I found with the Shutdown allowing the four front buttons to wake the phone is this: If I put it in sleep with the power button, I can use any the four buttons to wake the phone, BUT only for two minutes. This is my timeout setting. If I allow the screen to go to sleep on its own (2 minutes), the front buttons will not wake the phone.

    Thanks again.
  21. Gnomatic

    Gnomatic Newbie

    Great post, thank you. Looks like I need to adjust my timeout setting(is this possible?)

    I am Smartpone N00b.
  22. MK19

    MK19 Newbie

    Superb sir, thanks so much!!!
  23. GrammieDroid

    GrammieDroid Member

    Thanks to all you smart guys for playing around with this stuff so the rest of us maybe not so smart can still benefit! We all appreciate it. Seriously!
  24. clspruiell

    clspruiell Lurker

    Interesting.. My front four buttons work all the time, whether it times out or not. I have the Charge. Funny how the same phones can act differently. Thanks!
  25. clspruiell

    clspruiell Lurker

    Anyone figure this out? I love my NoLed feature! Is there another app that works well on this? I just want to be notified of a missed message or call.

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