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Dialing numbers inside Google Docs spreadsheet

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by NormH, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. NormH

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    Hi all,

    Fairly new here with the Droid. I was looking for a program that would give me the ability to dial a number inside a spreadsheet I have access to on my google docs site. I know how you can press and hold on a number inside an email and it will ask if you want to dial that number but that isnt the case it seems with a google docs spreadsheet. I get 'Select all', 'select text', 'cut all', 'copy all', 'paste' and 'input method'. Any thoughts? What am I doing wrong?


  2. wavedrop

    wavedrop Lurker

    I invented a workaround today that works with the mobile version of Google Docs where you can enter a phone number into a spreadsheet and then click on it from the browser and have it call the phone number you just clicked. It is not pretty at all, but it works and doesn't take long.

    Here are the steps:

    1.) Put the name of the person in column 1 and the phone number in column two.
    2.) Select all the name and phone number fields and press CTRL-C on the keyboard
    3.) Paste the result into a text editor and put all the data on one line eliminating any return characters. I formatted the line with spaces and "|" so it looks like this (you can format it anyway you want):

    | Amy 2125551212 | Bob 2125551212 | Charlie 2125551212 | Daisy 2125551212 |

    4.) Copy that line of text and go back to my Google Spreadsheet.
    5.) Right click on any cell and select "Insert Comment". A little yellow box appears with some text that has your username and a datetime.
    6.) Clear that text out and paste in the phone number text that you just copied.
    7.) Save the document.

    Now, load it up in the browser and the comment appears at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Click on a phone number and the phone tries to call it!

    Like I said, not pretty but it works. I only need this for like 20 numbers so to be honest I haven't tried it on large volumes. If I had large volumes I'd probably import the spreadsheet into google contacts and then import them to my phone that way.

    Hope that helps, I know I am excited!

  3. Sounds like a neat work-around. We'll look into writing something up about this, wave. Thanks!

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