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Dictionary.com: Well played dictionary.com. Well played.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by mistermarcel, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. mistermarcel

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    Jun 12, 2010
    In a pinch this application is perfect for cheating in Scrabble. Not that I advocate cheating. I?m just saying. Having this available at your fingertips sure beats a bulky pocket dictionary which, while where at it, makes for very awkward conversation.

    Android?s spell-correct feature integrates very well with this application and takes the guessing out of spelling words. Of course if you start your search for ?xanadu? with a ?z? you are not going to get very far. What I like most about this application is that they took a very simple concept and made it into a sophisticated resource. The application has four modes: dictionary, thesaurus, history (for words previously searched), and word of the day.

    The dictionary mode is as simple as it sounds. It?s a dictionary. It provides a pronunciation key, part of speech, and definition. There is a speaker icon that appears next to the word, which provides an audio pronunciation of the word -- helpful feature for English language learners. My only complaint is they do not provide a word?s origin which, let?s face it, makes this application useless for spelling bee hopefuls.

    Next up -- the thesaurus mode. There is not much to say here which is a credit to how well the developers did on this application. Punch up a word and every possible synonym you can think of pops up.

    The history mode allows the user to pull up words recently searched. I find this feature helpful for those ?See, I told you so!? moments. Your friend doesn?t believe you, you pull it up on your app,, next time you see them? BAM! Who?s the idiot now?

    The last feature of this application fulfills our need to learn something new every day. For me, it fulfills my inner-geek.. The word-of-the day mode refreshes daily and provides the user with a sometimes obscure, sometimes sophisticated word. I like to drop the word in a conversation with one of my fifth grade students. ?Did you see the Celtics beat the Lakers yesterday? They were a juggernaut!? The puzzled look is priceless. I couldn?t end this review without mentioning my favorite part: The Widget. Truth be told, I love widgets in general, but there is something about seeing the word of the day next to my calendar widget at the beginning of the day that makes me feel just a little bit wiser and who out there doesn?t like to feel smart?

    Well played dictionary.com. Well played.


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