Did a replacement help your reboot issue?


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I took mine to Verizon after getting random reboots after installing the update. They are sending me a new one, to see if a clean install helps. So I was curious to know if anyone has gotten a replacement since the update, and did it eliminate the issue. I love this phone, but after 2 new sim cards, 1 new SD card (replaced it when I got a new handset) 2 new handsets (1st one because the sim card tray was busted, 2nd one because the sd wouldn't stay mounted) and a new battery (1st one wouldn't hold a charge) I'm not sure how much more I can handle. But I SO love this phone, and dont want anything else.


Android Enthusiast
After the update I get reboots sometimes when I get texts via handcent. My phone never rebooted on me before. I don't know if its because I'm on the road out of town or if the update has caused this. Plus I can't open the handcent popup window to get to the full screen text.