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Did all of my tabs get deleted with lollipop (yes I am aware of unhecking merge tabs and apps)?

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Cibirochka, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. Cibirochka

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    I had a lot more than a hundred chrome tabs open before lollipop. There were tabs from over a year ago on there. After lollipop installed, I unhecked merge tabs and apps. When I went back to chrome with the tabs button, my tabs were gone.

    I am very upset to lose all of my tabs. Previous android updates did not delete my important things. Are all of the tabs deleted or is there some way to recover them?

    On another note, is it at all possible to change the appearance of mobile chrome? I really don't like all this deletion of borders. And I don't really like all the changes, so is it possible to revert to kit Kat? The only reason I got lollipop is because the install notification kept on disappearing and reappearing several times a minute at times and was a bit distracting.

  2. Jinzo Ningen

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    I am experiencing the same problem fairly regularly. Every so often, when I open Chrome, I find that all my tabs are gone. And yes, I have also unchecked the merge tabs option in settings, because I fail to see it as an improvement that I have to scroll through a bunch of recent apps to find my tabs. I typically have around 30 tabs open, and with all prior versions of android, they would remain so until I decided I was done with them. Now they all seem to vanish periodically, and are even deleted from the recent tabs memory. I'm really not pleased with this. I'm shocked that there aren't more people complaining... Recently I had to get a replacement Galaxy S5 through insurance, and the same problem manifested itself on both phones. Unless this is some cosmic coincidence, this leads me to believe that this is a problem many people should be experiencing. Has anyone else been having this problem? Any proposed fixes? I know I could always switch browsers, but Chrome is my preferred browser and if there is a way to solve this I'd rather keep my bookmarks and preferences.

    Cibirochka, the only thing I can think for you to do is look through your browsing history and try to salvage as much as possible. I know this is probably not ideal, especially if you have tabs that have been opened for months and haven't viewed them recently. If you are signed into chrome with a google account, all of your tabs and history should be saved and viewable if you go into your account as well.

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