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Did anybody buy this new phone yet?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Spec2nirvash, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Spec2nirvash

    VIP Member Thread Starter

    Hey Guys -

    I've been looking into buying this new Avid, but due to MetroPCS stores in my area lacking a working phone to play around with I'm hoping somebody here could fill us in with more info on it :D

    My questions would be, how is the overall quality of it? Good, rich color display? Cheap feeling, clunky, slow? Some specs maybe?

    Hope to hear some feedback from you Avid owners, the phone looks pretty good!

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  2. OcalaFlGuy

    OcalaFlGuy Android Expert

    There have been a few posts in the Avid forum.

    I considered it. I got the Motion last week.

    512 meg ram was probably the deciding factor. That added to it being a ZTE phone was a sure no deal. I could still exchange my phone for an Avid tomorrow. But I won't.

    The Motion is just a much better phone even with .50" less screen.

    I will admit though, that at least unpowered as that's all I fondled, the Avid looked and felt pretty nice.

    Bruce in Ocala, FL
  3. monkeyman828

    monkeyman828 Lurker

    I just bought the Avid. I like it. It's not laggy, at all. Every app that I've used has worked smoothly.
    The screen is nice and big. The colors are nice, but not as nice as the LG Motion. They look slightly washed out.
    It feels nice and solid. Aesthetically, it looks great.
    As far as the RAM, it says it has 640MB in total.
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  4. EvanJOBrien

    EvanJOBrien Lurker

    I sold my LG Connect and got an Avid on the 31st.

    I have no complaints. Everything works well.
  5. jamesmania88

    jamesmania88 Android Enthusiast

    Metro phone repair can you tell me if this bootloader is unlocked?
  6. For everyone's questions concerning the ZTE Avid 4G I have answers as I have one now as well as the LG Motion 4G and Samsung Galaxy S III! When compared to the Motion at the same price of $150 the Avid is truely a better device! Like the Motion and GS3 it does, in fact have, the Snapdragon S4 dual core processor with the Adreno 225 GPU NOT the Snapdragon S3 found in the ZTE Anthem! It does have 1GB's of ram NOT 512MB like whats going around! Also like the Motion, the advertised 1.2GHZ clock speed of the processor is wrong, the Avid is also clocked at 1.5GHZ which also matches the GS3! It does only have 2.5GB's of internal storage as opposed to the Motion's 5GB's BUT... and this is a BIG BUT, the Avid STILL HAS THE ADVANTAGE, because unlike the Motion (and even the GS3, although it has 16GB's of internal storage) it has APPS TO SD! On the Motion I could bearly fit two big games where as the Avid i can have up to 32GB's of storage for games which is even more than what you can even put on the GS3! It also has a 4" display over the Motion's tiny 3.5" screen! Has a pulse notification light like the GS3 and even has SRS sound enhancement and this thing seriously gets LOUD! Beats any HTC/Beats Audio phone with or without headphones hands down! Last but not least it runs STOCK VANILLA Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 like a Nexus device (would be better if it was Jelly Bean of course)! But all in all for $150 it's an amazing device that is better than the Motion in everyway and even has a couple of advantages over the mighty Galaxy S III!

    Please keep in mind this little mini-review is based on devices being stock not rooted! I'm aware of GL TO SD on the play store but I'm also aware of the problems it has with Android 4.0+ and with games using the android/obb folder instead of the /data folder, problems that I'm sure are being worked on but as we know 95% of consumers don't root/jailbreak their devices! I love to customize myself but this is strictly about the stock devices as you would see on real review sites!
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  7. noirelion

    noirelion Newbie

    she dumped her iPhone 5 for this phone- its a dual core- ICS Android phone.
    4g LTE is nice and fast in Philly. The wifi-connects easy, battery isnt bad...did not come with microsd card- slots there but was empty..stuck an old 16giger in and voila...
    Wife is happy the screen is oldschool like the original Evo- but brighter- and the sound is real nice and loud. Came loaded with alot of apps- not much bloatware this time- good job Metro- my wife uses most of teh apps the phone came with- she is happy as a clam...
    But get a case for it ASAp- the phone is slimmer than it looks in teh pictures- and its slippery as hell!
    Its a great phone for $149- off contract....I paid $222.00 to walk out teh store including tax and first months month $55 dollars exactly after tax and fees a month- even gets cheaper to 50 a month if you have a family plan.
    She loves this phone-unrooted she loves it....
  8. tjb90

    tjb90 Newbie

    I don't know what you mean by slippery. I don't have a case for it and I can hold it just fine with no problems in any way possible.

    Also the plan can actually go lower to 40 bucks for a plan.
  9. darien87

    darien87 Lurker

    I have this phone and I like it. Now keep in mind that I am new to smartphones. I hadn't had a cell phone for years until I just signed up with Metro. I had the Coolpad Quatro 4G which was slow as hell. The Avid is much faster and smoother. I think the Motion has a nicer and even smoother screen, (the Avid seems to miss swipes every once in a while) but I didn't want to go to a smaller screen since I was used to the large screen of the Coolpad.

    I don't use my phone all that much so the battery lasts me for a few days at a time but it charges HELLA fast, (only takes a few hours to get a full charge for me). The Avid runs WAY faster and smoother than my rooted Nook Color running Gingerbread. I'd like to root this thing so I can get rid of all the bloatware on it but I'm a little leery of doing that.

    Overall I think the Avid is a great phone.

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