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Did anyone sell their iPhone to get an Android phone?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Mikhailov, May 22, 2010.

  1. Mikhailov

    Mikhailov Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm an iPhone owner looking to possibly go to Android. As much as I love the Android OS, I'm having trouble letting go. I could have bought the incredible three times, but I decided to wait until Apple's WWDC.

    If you have sold your iPhone for Android, can you tell me about your experience in this thread? Why did you switch? What do you like better, or do you miss a feature of your iPhone?

    I should note that with At&t jacking up their early termination fee just before the WWDC, I feel more incentive to switch earlier. I'm on a family plan with my gf though. That may not be an issue because I would take my number out and just make it an individual plan for her.

    Just a quick note: I have an iPad too.

    Please help an iPhone owner who is having trouble ending his 3 year relationship with his phone?

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  2. phantomevo77

    phantomevo77 Member

    I am right there in the same boat as you, but as another user said.. The timing is right for us. Selling the iPhone now we will get more profit to cover the ETF and the price of another Android phone (Evo, DInc.). We pretty much know what is going to be in iPhone 4.0 and still again, you wont have the "openness" of Android OS. The new iPhone is probably going to be like the experience we have now with the iPhone with the new tweaks and new outside shell. Android does everything the iPhone 4.0 does, but a whole lot more!

    Don't get me wrong, I love my iPhone, but with lack of customization and community apps and everything Android does, its easier to let go, especially with ATT rising ETF basically for the new iPhone right around the corner that they make you sign 2 years for.

    Also, if you were looking at Sprint's Evo, Sprint lets you try the phone/network for 30 days basically risk-free, you have nothing to really lose, so if you don't like the Android, return it and go for the new iPhone or back to the old one. Time is basically running out to sell the current gen iPhones at the prices they can be sold at with Apple's WWDC coming up.

    Hope this helps somewhat!

  3. Mikhailov

    Mikhailov Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the input. I'm not sure I can sell my iPhone though. It's tore up (a lot of scratches in the back) and running 4.0 developer beta. Maybe when 4.0 is released...think I can sell this and turn a profit, or should I sell my gf's jailbroken 3G(not 3Gs) and hand the developer 3Gs to her?
  4. phantomevo77

    phantomevo77 Member

    Depends what you wana do. I mean of course you can sell the 3G for a good price (pending GB) with the 3GS, if it hasnt been a year (shouldnt be) take it to Apple and say the battery life is going down and some apps are just crashing. Take advantage of Apple's warranty they offer. Of course put 3.1.3 on before you take it to them. Get a new/refurb and sell that one (done that many times).

    Its up to you what you want to do on that part. Sell the 3G for a good price (guessing.. $250-$350 pending on size.
  5. Mikhailov

    Mikhailov Newbie
    Thread Starter

    The 3Gs should still be within a year. It's a refurb they gave me after the other one had battery issues. I remember my gf buying it last summer when she got onto my plan. Switching to droid wouldn't really be an issue since I'd still keep the AT&T account for her. As far as selling, I'd have to discuss it with her. She's pretty attached to the jailbroken 3G to the point where she is running 3.0, never upgraded, and has no plans to upgrade to 4.0.

    But that's apple, and this is a droid forum lol. I haven't met many people who have switched from Apple to Droid. Those who have don't regret it. For what I use my iPhone for droid can do it so much better. Plus I have my iPad for the 3 years of apps.

    So why do I have a hard time?
  6. crowtoo

    crowtoo Lurker

    I am a new member here and I'm hoping to become an Android phone owner very soon. My wife and son and many of my friends have new smart-phones and to be honest, I'm getting phone envy.

    For many reasons I do not like the way Apple handles their products and the more I read I have become very intrigued with the new generation of Android phones. However, my family is locked into a multiple (4) phone contract with AT&T. In our area coverage has never been an issue like it has for so many others, so staying on the AT&T network is really not a bad thing for coverage reasons. But staying on the AT&T network really sucks for Android phone options. As I'm sure all of you here know, there are very few Android phone options on AT&T and most of the ones available come with outdated versions of Android and they are crippled by AT&T and are not a decent option in my perspective. The open nature of the Android operating system and the flexibility of customizing my phone are what it's all about. I don't want AT&T's "choice" of a search engine or their bloatware on my Android phone.

    This has lead me to looking at the Nexus One as my only decent Android option on AT&T right now. The problem I'm having is the $529 price tag. I'm due for an upgrade from AT&T and I was wondering if I could just get one of the new 4G iPhones with my upgrade and sell it, and then use the money I make to put towards the purchase price of a Nexus One? If I am correct, I wouldn't ever have to terminate my new AT&T 2-year contract because I'd be using said contract with my Nexus One, correct? Can I legally sell the subsidized 4G iPhone before my contract expires? I have no problem paying for a phone, but $529 is a little steep to me. If I could come away from my AT&T upgrade sale with around $300 profit, I'd be happy to pay $200-ish out of pocket for a Nexus One.

    Is my plan even feasible and/or legal?

    I REALLY want to get an Android phone and hopefully the fine folks here can advise me on the best was to achieve this.


  7. Astridax93

    Astridax93 Member

    I mean from a standpoint in the UK, you are paying for the contract, the operators subsidise phone to entice you, you still however own the phone. I lost my phone for a while, If they had owned the phone the onus would have been on them to replace it. But I own the phone, so they didn't. I just requested a new sim and used it in an old phone until I found the new one. So yeah you should be able to sell the phone, as far as I am aware AT&T or any operator for that matter, don't actually care what phone you use, I mean you may go for a contract on offer, and hate the free phone, reverting to your old in the process.
  8. Eazail70x7

    Eazail70x7 Android Expert

    I actually just bought a 1st gen Iphone on ebay for 96 bucks. (has a cracked screen though). I plan to jailbreak it and put android on it. Why, you may ask? I still haven't figured out why I did this lol
  9. Vulcan

    Vulcan Android Enthusiast

    yes my family and i sold our 4 iphone 3gs's and went to sprint and got htc Evo's we saved $277-348 now i am enjoying my evo more and more every day :)

    good luck i reccamend swiching to sprint did and got unlimited and ended up saving a lot of money( now to save up for that signed pink Floyd complete collection ...)
  10. Vulcan

    Vulcan Android Enthusiast

    and if you miss your iphone there is TONS of apps to copy its look and feel i had to do that for a while too
  11. squeakr

    squeakr Newbie

    The wife and I are testing EVO's and still deciding about the new iDevice or not. We are in the same situation. I really like the device, and love the value Sprint has compared to AT$T pricing. The niggles for me are the battery life on the EVO (it is getting better as I cycle the battery cells more), the concurrent voice and data ( I was hoping the Sprint 4G was going to be better, but the 4G building penetration is less than stellar and I am in a saturated 4G area), and the applications aren't as polished as the iPhones versions (iHeartRadio doesn't work as well and have as large of a data base, makes no sense to me on the database differences, and no DishNetwork or Remote apps).
    I will be keeping my iPhones as the kids will love to pay with them on the wifi in my house. Also for buying and selling the device, I question the demand within the US as with the inclusion of the MicroSIM, at this time it will only be able to be used on AT$T anyway (unless I have missed the availability of a MicroSIM for TMobile) and I am not into the international sales to great as Ebay and its buyer protections can be less than stellar.
    I am interested in hearing others responses and opinions as well.
  12. Jorpe

    Jorpe Lurker

    I have an iPad 3G, which I'm typing on right now. I'm more and more amazed at the potential of the android platform everyday. Having said that, I love my Evo4G and think I made the right choice. However, nobody is going to argue against how polished and user friendly the iphone/Ianything experience is for everyone...

    I'd take the evo though. Still love my iPad
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