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Feb 28, 2010
Powder Springs, Georgia
OK, so I updated to 2.1 last night and all went well. I wrote a quick email/text and started to type my wife's name in the "To:" spot when everybody on my facebook and from when I have ever sent/received an email from, appeared as a potential match up, until I typed some more letters of her first name. This has never happened before. Has this happened to anyone else? How do I get rid of this?

You probably have your Facebook contacts being synced. I am rooted, so when I updated to 2.1 (a dev version of it) the first time I signed up for Facebook, etc. in the setup process. The second time I didn't do it, lo and behold, I didn't have the problem the second time around.
Hmm ... that may be the case. If anyone can help me figure out where the facebook sync part is, I would be very appreciative!!!


Open the People applications, your phone book, and hit Menu.

There should be an option of View. It is there.

Good luck.