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Did Samsung just kill its own S6 Edge Plus?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by michaelqian88, Mar 19, 2016.

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    Now that Samsung has released the S7 Edge I think it has basically sacrificed its own S6 Edge Plus, even though it's only about 6 months old. I see no good reason why anyone would pick the S6 Edge Plus anymore, other than maybe it's a little bit cheaper.

    - 0.2" in screen size is hardly noticeable
    - S7 has much better battery life
    - S7 has SD card expansion
    - S7 will come shipped with Marshmallow
    - More edge functionalities

    Maybe once again Samsung used the S6 Edge Plus as a guinea pig, in a way like the Note Edge. However I'm curious as to why Samsung never expanded on the functionality of the Note Edge, as the Edge on the Note version was far more useful than the Edge on the standard S line.

    I however prefer a standard flat panel without any edges. I tried the Note Edge and found the phone overall ugly and very awkward to hold.

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