Aug 5, 2012
Crap - I get to be the one posting on a board with no info on it! My hubby just got a Lightray and the prl updates are supposedly done already. But since the metro pcs salesman didn't know what a prl update was, I won't believe that he actually updated it until I see it.

Is there an area in "settings" that I can check to see the current prl version?
Thanks francvillegas. I am out of the metro network (in Pittsburgh) so I'm not sure if the phone will auto update here. I'm willing to do any manual updates that I can. There is a 3G CDMA network here (Cricket) and I'm hoping that once it's updated to PRL3030, I can get it to run 3G here. 1x is so slow! Do you know if I can check the phone's current PRL?
Found it.

Settings -> About Phone -> Status -> PRL 3030.

So it is current. Then it seems we probably won't get more than 1x here. Unless theres a way to push the 4G, which I seriously doubt. I was hoping for 3G at best. I'll try to read up on it.