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Root Did you do the 2.2 update, and now want to go back to 2.1, are you ready to pull your hair out?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by seanwn86, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. seanwn86

    seanwn86 Member
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    Sep 1, 2010
    Ok, so I saw the news on the website(had a friend tell me about it, and said he had already updated his epic), and so jumped right in and "updated" mine. well today, I finally got to use my phone, and force close galoure, battery drain from hell(10 minutes on Kik, and %100 down to %83), and I didn't try using my camera, or media/music player.

    So then I read a few threads about going back to 2.1, such as:
    How do I use Odin and how do I go back to stock DI18 if I hate DK28???;

    And well NOTHING would work. I started with these directions here:
    [How To] Return to Stock / Fix Bricked Epic - xda-developers
    Because it talks about changing the kernel, and not having everything reset. I didn't want to lose everything. (I suspect that this method is not susficient for us that are wanting to go back to 2.1, could somebody wiser than me clarify this for me).

    So I got Odin setup, downloaded the stock kernel(SPH-D700.zImage.stock.tar), and the pit file(s1_odin_20100512.pit). But this is where things started getting confusing, because the link that I used to download Odin (http://androidforums.com/1928459-post7.html), also came with victory_8G_100528.pit.
    I now have now 2 different .pit files, and no clarification as to which one is the right one.

    And then this is where I started freaking out. I run Odin, get my phone connected, get the yellow box with "com-blah blah". Well first problem, I have two different .pit files, so I figured I would just try one. But then a lot of directions talk about a "Auto Reboot" and a "DebugEn" check box. There is no "DebugEn" check box.
    So I mess around with that for forever, and nothing is working. I decide to give up, and try turning my phone back on, and all I get is these two little logos, of a phone and a computer. And this is when I really started to panic.
    So I decide I have to go ahead and do a complete wipe, and start from fresh. Which sucks because I didn't have anything backed up, oh well(btw, does anybody know how to at least find all the apps you've paid for? So you can be sure to get back all the stuff you paid for).

    Try to already make a long story short, My steps for flashing my phone back, if the other guides don't work for you.
    1; download Odin http://androidforums.com/1928459-post7.html (the link at the very top of the post)
    2; download DI18 *OFFICIAL* SPH-D700-DK28-8Gb-REL.tar.md5 - xda-developers
    3; shutdown your phone
    4; start Odin
    5; Uncheck "F. Reset Time", make sure "Auto Reboot" is checked
    6; Click PDA, and select your DI18 file (SPH-D700-DI18-8Gb-REL.tar.md5)
    7; Leave the "PIT" selection empty
    8; Slide your Epic keyboard open, whilst holding "1", turn the phone on. And you should see the yellow Android shoveling away.
    9; Plug the phone in, once the yellow com box shows up, press start.
    10; Once she's finished, start having fun setting everything back up.

    Also, please anybody that can give some incite, what was I doing wrong? My head about imploded.
    Is there a way to of gotten back to 2.1 without having to do a factory wipe?
    And what options are there for backing up a non-rooted phone? any?


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  2. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    Nov 28, 2009
    If you have the .tar.md5 file you don't need the kernel or pit files. :)

    Any version of going back to 2.1 from 2.2 will result in a wipe. You will still have access to your paid apps, etc as they are linked to your gmail account.

    You could backup your contacts to your gmail account and take pictures of the screens.
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