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Did you name your Bionic?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DanDroide, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. DanDroide

    DanDroide Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Mine is Jaime - short for Jaime Sommers.

  2. Vehtemas

    Vehtemas Android Expert

    Mine is Phone.
  3. d6racer

    d6racer Newbie

    Same here

    Sorry, but no self respecting man would name his phone. j/k.....no not really.
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  4. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert

    I call mine "my Bionic".

  5. bigbabys

    bigbabys Android Enthusiast

  6. treb1797

    treb1797 Extreme Android User

    This has to be the creapiest post EVER on this site!!!
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  7. keegan1014

    keegan1014 Android Enthusiast

  8. DanDroide

    DanDroide Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thank you, I was proving a point to my wife. She kept pushing me to name the Bionic and i refused to. Thanks!
  9. JimmyRayBob

    JimmyRayBob Android Enthusiast

    I named my pickup truck (bubba), but not my phone ...
  10. sx4dude2013

    sx4dude2013 Android Expert

    nope....Motorola already named it for me :p
  11. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert

  12. tjreishus

    tjreishus Android Enthusiast

    First of all, any man who is happily married has had his man card revoked. It's pretty much a requirement for a happy marriage. I had never named anything of mine until I got married. My wife gets a kick out of naming pretty much everything we have. I know what my wifes chairs are! (phenomenon reference). She is usually the one who names everything and it turns out to be not very original.

    Mine - Jamie
    Hers - Max (the bionic dog)
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  13. Bowslayer

    Bowslayer Well-Known Member

    Named mined POS, going back.
  14. DanDroide

    DanDroide Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

  15. bigbabys

    bigbabys Android Enthusiast

    So you named yours the same name as the OP?
  16. tjreishus

    tjreishus Android Enthusiast

    Yes it was named the same name. It was named a week ago, so long before this thread existed.
  17. bigbabys

    bigbabys Android Enthusiast

    Interesting. Well at risk of sidetracking a very strange thread even further, I am happily married and I retained my man card. :p
  18. Bowslayer

    Bowslayer Well-Known Member

    Ditto. Problem is we Both think we are the boss .
  19. tjreishus

    tjreishus Android Enthusiast

    Well of course you still have it. Just like everyone in jail is innocent; just ask them. Just to make sure I understand you right, you feel that if your life was video taped and examined by a group of men from the time you got married, there would never be a moment when people would say "MAN CARD REVOKED!"?
  20. tjreishus

    tjreishus Android Enthusiast

    I guess the difference is that I normally don't post my man card revoked moments on the internet for all to see.
  21. DanDroide

    DanDroide Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

  22. bigbabys

    bigbabys Android Enthusiast

    No need to be so defensive. :p I'm just being silly. That being said I have never named a single inanimate object in my home, nor has my wife. To say I haven't done things I'm not proud of for her out of love would be a lie. But I would draw the line at naming my Droid.

    Ironically, since it used to be required during a PC setup, I am conditioned to naming my computers. So I guess I have my own vices.

    R.I.P. Delmarko. First PC I ever built from scratch.
  23. bigbabys

    bigbabys Android Enthusiast

  24. DanDroide

    DanDroide Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    My 9mm is the standard "Betsy".
  25. DanDroide

    DanDroide Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I don't want a MAN sitting on my hip and up to my face...lol.

    Inanimate objects are normally named after women, like boats.

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