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Did you regret buying htc desire?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ahmed2020, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. Dudditz

    Dudditz Android Enthusiast

    I think crap battery life is subjective.

    I think it is fine, for what I need it for. Decent level of surfing, calls, texts, emails, market searching, music and app usage a day (news/sports apps, some games).

    I need to charge it every night but that doesn't bother me at all, it lasts me easily from 6:30am until 23:00 when I tend to hit the sack, usually with around 35-40% left. Can't grumble.

    That said, I do under clock the processor and noticed an increase in the battery since.


  2. MrJingles

    MrJingles Newbie

    I own a cellular store and it's absolutely amazing!!!!! The best phone I've ever had and I've had many.
  3. kartnite

    kartnite Well-Known Member

    Touchwood, nothing to regret 'til now. 've had mine for nearly two months now and I've been learning something new each day.

    Battery life could have been better, but then - nothing can be perfect. I am quite happy with the fact that I get anywhere between 16 to 28 hours (depending on usage).

    The camera is "decent" - does not bother me all that much 'cos I have a C905 to do the honours. ;)

    The bottomline - This certainly is an object of Desire. ;)
  4. ben.fred

    ben.fred Well-Known Member

    x2 on the c905 bit :)
  5. mclemme

    mclemme Newbie

    Not at all, I didn't buy it though, I got mine from my employer.

    - Battery life is great, it usually lasts 1-3 days, depending on use.
    - Internal storage is not really a problem for me, I usually uninstall any apps I don't use.
  6. widehead

    widehead Android Enthusiast

    As are all these things.

    Battery, UI, ease of use, camera quality etc

    The battery is, at best, wildly inconsistent and can be rapidly drained by poor signal strength, rogue apps and other issues.

    I think that users coming from other smartphones (such as Nokia's flagship devices) are a bit shocked to find that a top of the line 2010 Android device has comparable functionality (worse in some respects like multimedia capture) and far worse battery life to symbian devices released in 2007.

    We can argue about processor speeds, large screens and slick UIs but the fact of the matter is that, initially, the experience is a little underwhelming.

    I came to the Desire from an N86 and there's virtually nothing that the Desire can do that the N86 can't. Sure, the AMOLED screen is tiny in comparison but the image capture is outstanding. When people moan about the lackluster photos on the Desire the usual (*cough* fanboy *cough*) response is something like "It's a phone you idiot, what do you expect?" Many people expect better from a high-end device.

    Regretting getting the Desire is perfectly acceptable for those people who are used to comparable functionality (with at least double the battery life) on a device that is 3 years older than the Desire.
  7. sudkcoce

    sudkcoce Member

    I am glad I have bought this phone. By far the best smartphone I have seen so far. Does everything I ever wanted it to and more... :)

    And after all this time (I have it about 4 months), it's still the best one!

    The only problem I have is I use it too much, so I might look stupid and geeky to other people... ;)
  8. RedBob62

    RedBob62 Member

    Good to see that there are other users out there who have had the Desire for some time but are still finding new things it can do! The biggest problem I have is that I spend so much time playing with the thing that my wife has started calling it 'the other woman' :D
  9. partridge

    partridge Android Enthusiast

    So sell the Desire and stick with the N86, if it's really that good? You'd get a great price for your Desire on ebay.

    Best phone I've ever owned, I love it :)
  10. Morat

    Morat Well-Known Member

    It's so good, I've got two. One very early one with AMOLED in brown for personal use and one black one with sLCD for work. They are both running 2.2 now and I'm very happy with them.
    I've bought them for my boss and another colleague, and we use them with Exchange accounts with no problems at all - this was a big worry when I first considered Android because without rock solid Exchange support you may as well give up.

    I also recommended it to my brother in law, who only uses hotmail and got him connected.

    Every user I've handed one of these phones to has been delighted with it, and so am I.

    I don't know if HTC are going to see this, but I may as well list what I think they should do better next time :)

    1. More battery. The single biggest drawback of the device.
    2. AMOLED is better than sLCD, go beat on Samsung's door until they sell you some. Don't get me wrong, sLCD is OK, but AMOLED noticeably beats it for picture quality. They both suck in sunlight anyway so don't get excited about that.
    3. More internal memory please and while you're at it go beat up the devs who still don't support installation to SD.
    4. Bluetooth needs work, especially voice dialling and media streaming. BT is the only thing I've found that can force a Desire to reboot itself or worse, lock solid and need the battery to be removed before you regain control of the device.
    5. Add a search function to the People widget/app thing. It is extremely annoying to have to scroll through 1500 contacts to find the one you want when using the phone.
    5b. Why have People and Search people??
    6. We need more documentation for the Company Directory feature of Exchange sync. I just don't know if I'm meant to be able to pull phone numbers from the Exchange Global Address List OTA or not. The option appears to be there.....

    And that, since April 2010, is IT.
    Fantastic phone, fantastic price. I just love these things and I'm waiting with great excitement to see what HTC do next. I hope that whatever it is, there's a Desire sized version of it (HD is too big, and not actually HD, natch).
  11. LECTER

    LECTER Android Expert

    Then he might have the cash to buy his iCrap4... :D
  12. FelixofMars

    FelixofMars Well-Known Member

    While there are issues, there are worse or similar issues on most smart phones. No regrets from 'buying' it. All the benefits outweighs the issues. The best mobile I have owned.
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  13. widehead

    widehead Android Enthusiast

    This kind of immature, fanboyistic nonsense does not become you, Lecter.

    And well done for ignoring the points I made.
  14. pezzer

    pezzer Newbie

    Agreed - although whilst I dont have 1500 contacts I do find that the phone dialer function where you dial the first few letters of your required contacts name works v effectively .
  15. LECTER

    LECTER Android Expert

    You're welcome.
  16. widehead

    widehead Android Enthusiast

    Not sure what you mean here.

    1.The people widget only allows for the addition of groups and does not hold all your contacts

    2.The people app is searchable by pressing the search key on the bottom right hand side (the one with the magnifying glass on it).

    It seems that search functionality is one button press away.
  17. david_inuk

    david_inuk Member

    I had to look up something on my Treo 650 last night.

    Oh my God! That phone was just so super fast.....at everything! And everything could be customised to the way you wanted it to work!

    Having come from a Treo 600 and then onto the 650, I was one of the pioneering smartphone users.

    The only reason I stopped using my dearly beloved Treo 650 was because I was embarrased each time I pulled out my thick clunky phone!!!

    If only palm had kept up to date with the times, they would still have been the trailblazers which they used to be, and I and many others would still be buying their products.

    My next phone, the samsung i780 wasn't bad, but it ran the old WM which was a disaster.

    Now onto the op's question!!!

    My desire isn't bad, but compared to my old fashioned Treo, it is clunky to use.

    And I still don't forgive it for having such a rotten speaker and for it's refusal to support outlook syncing, something I have taken for granted for many, many years!

    Oh, and I forgot to mention being frightened to use it becasue of the battery running out.

    And there was I thinking these phones were supposed to be cordless......... ;-)
  18. LECTER

    LECTER Android Expert

    Clunkier than using a phone with a stylus?? :thinking:

    I used my Treo 600 last weekend and boy did it feel like a dinosaur!! ;)
  19. david_inuk

    david_inuk Member

    There was hardly any need to use the stylus.

    The keys worked brilliantly as did a quick poke at the screen with one's finger.

    I can't exactly remember the UI of the 600, but the 650 was a speed machine! Everything happened instantly.

    My old phone felt like a pocket computer. This one feels like a pretender, although I will give it this, it is a grand one!
  20. LECTER

    LECTER Android Expert

    I loved all my Treos, 600, 650 and 700p but moved on because Palm just didn't keep up! :(
  21. sare99

    sare99 Member

    Hahaha.......my bf recently accused me of loving my Desire more than him because it's now been permanently grafted to me and he said I should smash it in front of him in order to prove him wrong. I was like "What?!!! Are you crazy hon?!!!!! This is a
  22. MartynVRS

    MartynVRS Lurker

    My speakers are fine. No real regrets apart from battery life only lasting about a day with heavy use. I did expect this though with a smart phone. The camera is OK but that's as far as it goes. My N82 and my W810i both had better cameras but that was all down to the quality of the lenses. Someone once said that the best camera you can have is the one you carry with you. These days it's on a phone. The Desire is average but I will be looking at the lens needing cleaning/replacing.

    Overall it's a awesome phone and I don't know how I could have done without it. Just upgraded to 2.2 so we'll see what happens.
  23. MikeC1408

    MikeC1408 Android Enthusiast

    Only had the phone about 3 weeks so this isn't based on long term usage.

    But no regrets what so ever.

    I went from an iPhone to Blackberry 9700 and thought this was a good move, Then went from the 9700 to the Desire and this phone is on a different level to the other 2.

    Sure I miss the 5 days battery life of the 9700, but with a bit of thought and overnight charging the battery hasn't been an issue.
  24. psionguy

    psionguy Member

    It's a great phone and I love it, but the sync software from HTC is rubbish and lets the phone down.
  25. turbohobbit

    turbohobbit Android Enthusiast

    It's a bit academic really as I'm tied into my contract until April 2012 and can't really justify splashing the cash on a SIM-free phone (not to the wife, anyway ;-) ) so I have a Desire and enjoy it for what it is. For what it's worth, though, no, I don't regret signing up to the Desire for one minute - and I bought the wife an iPhone 3GS at the same time, so I have plenty to compare it with. Yes, the battery life is a bit of an issue but I came from a T-Mob G1 so I was used to nightly charging (and anyway, when on holiday earlier in the year I turned everything off so that it was literally just a phone, and the pattery lasted for 4 days so I know at a pinch I can stretch the life right out). Is the camera that bad? I don't think so, but then I had a S-E Walkman Phone before my G1 and rarely used the camera at all - I've only really started using the camera with having the Desire (for Twitter, Farceboak, etc) so I'm kinda starting from Base-1.5. I will be replacing the plastic cover with a sapphire glass one at some point as this IS an area for improvement, but short of HTC pairing up with Carl Zeiss I think you get what you get and get on with it - anyone who shirks a great smartphone bacause the camera lens isn't *quite* perfect is looking for too much IMHO (that's not to say you shouldn't have a desire (ho ho) / wishlist of "would like to see"s but that's another subject). My final comment is that, having played with the iPhone, I would like to see more "official" or first rate developers creating apps for the Market as well as the App Store. We're starting to see decent official apps trickling through, but really useful apps like the Addison Lee app (if that's what you need), or decent games apps from EA are still curiously absent. However, again, I think that will change as Android marches past iOS as the smartphone OS of choice.

    So, all in all, no, no regrets. Not that I could do much about it, but even so. A couple of minor quibbles, sure, but I think everyone would have that about every piece of tech they buy. But no regrets.

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