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Did you regret buying htc desire?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ahmed2020, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. chris 290

    chris 290 Android Enthusiast

    Love it, most used gadget I have ever owned.

    Automatic text reflow after pinch to zoom is the thing I could not live without after using the desire.

    Agree with low internal memory, but excited also to see what will come out this next year when dual core phones hit the market.

    Great phone though, no regrets from me.


  2. exergy

    exergy Lurker

    I have had it from April-2010 and am still using it. I got a Samsung Galaxy S for my wife (wanted her to have a better phone than I do !). To quite an extent, therefore, my analysis is likely to be a result of contrast than a pure take at HTC Desire.

    I can say that I am becoming unhappy now. Single main reason being poor internal memory.

    Unhappy with:
    (1) Very poor internal memory: Extremely let down on this. In this day and age, to have 120 MB of space etc. seems like 2000/ 2001 type constraint. Even with Froyo, not everything can be moved to SD card. I have had to constantly battle out which Apps to uninstall and which to install again. Often, I keep swapping - a week of this and a week of another App and painfully part with some, never to use again. Despite Froyo update, I can't, hand on heart, admit to, especially to iPhone fanbois, that I can fill all my 7 screens with 16 Apps in each (four rows of Apps with 4 in each row). It's come to a point where I am even thinking of selling it on eBay and go for some generous model like Samsung Galaxy S. The surprising thing is even HTC Desire HD sports only 1.5 GB or similar ? Come on HTC, how much more is it going to cost providing a respectable 4 GB or 8 GB ?

    (2) Sound quality: The speaker phone is very ordinary. Doesn't do any justice to the good Video playback display.

    (3) Bluetooth being old version: Can't seamlessly connect to some devices since it's not the latest. I can connect with some basic bluetooth devices though.

    (4) Native contact list (from HTC) isn't as rich as Samsung Galaxy S. But, that's just a minor gripe

    (5) Copy + Paste not being as universal as you'd expect. It works within certain contexts, but I have often been let down when trying to do it across screens that mattered to me. Some of which could be Android's own limitations (as of now) but some others could be due to HTC Sense not foreseeing certain possibilities

    (6) Screen washout in normal outdoor ambience: I am not even talking of summer sunshine when this would be practically useless without a torch ! Even in Autumn times, the screen display with maximum brightness on, is still dismal. Indoors though, it's second to none

    (7) The inability to shut down HTC Sense without rooting (I don't wan to root it yet)
  3. bribe

    bribe Lurker

    i'm a text/call only guy. the desire is the only reason i got a smartphone. iPhone never impressed.
  4. dan55

    dan55 Android Expert

    sound quality on calls isnt hat good on mine - duff speaker maybe

    justed used camera on iphone 3gs and way better/easier to take snaps than desire imo
  5. stringent

    stringent Member

    I do not regret buying it, at the time I had an N97 which was really annoying me. I had always advised friends the phone to buy was the HTC Desire, so by example I got one myself. Its is a great phone let down by its camera and battery life for me. I get a day out of it on good-heavy use.

    Right now there isn't anything out I would want to upgrade to. Does everything its supposed to very well. A few niggles, but then I am hoping for the 2.3 upgrade soon!
  6. nafanny29

    nafanny29 Newbie

    Love my desire, miles ahead of any other phone ive owned, and I use many apps daily which I find invaluable.

    1st phone in my life I would rate 10/10.

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