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Difference HD2 and Desire

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by simon1111, May 30, 2010.

  1. simon1111

    simon1111 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I was going to chage my HTC HD for the Desire until reading about the apps being stored in memory. Is this a joke? HTC have gone down a long way in my estimate. I have the HTC HD and I have found it the best phone I ever had. Now I am thinking of getting the HD 2 Unless they sort this in June as rumoured. Can anyone tell me what the differences are between the HD2 and the desire apart from the screen size. I don't really understand much about Android.
    for any reply

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  2. Dorald

    Dorald Lurker

    You have to choose between Windows and Android.
    But don't forget that HD2 is not supported by Windows Mobile 7.

    +1 for Desire from me.
  3. SL4VE

    SL4VE Well-Known Member

    plus theres an update for the desire next month that allows you to save apps on mem card
  4. Niir

    Niir Well-Known Member

    id probably choose android over winmo purely because id choose google over microsoft =P

    however ive never used a winmo before, but i do have a desire and its pretty much flawless and 2.2 will only make it better!
  5. nx1977

    nx1977 Android Expert

    Having just been dumped with a tytn through work, I'd choose Android! I hate winmo6!
  6. mikem2te

    mikem2te Lurker

    I have been a WinMo user for about 6 years, last being the HD, awesome phone. At least that's what I thought until I got the Desire. Everything on the Desire happens more or less instantaneously, it I try to use the HD it is a very frustrating experience with plenty of delays when trying to do even simple stuff like sending a text message.

    I tried the HD2 briefly, it is better than the HD but still suffers with delays etc.

    Don't regret changing my HD for the Desire, ok the screen is not as nice on the Desire but it is still very good. It also feels much more pocketable than the HD/HD2; it feels more like a phone than a brick!!

    The storing apps in main memory is an Android thing - apparently Google fixed this for version 2.2; the world is waiting for HTC to release an upgrade.
  7. mad

    mad Lurker

    I didn't try the HD2, but I had an Acer S200 with WM6 and it sucked hard.
    Both hardware and software were absolutely awfull ! I never used it except for testing purposes...

    Even simple things like alarm were not correctly built in WM, and it just didn't work while the phone was in silence mode...

    HTC Desire is very close to perfection. Even closer when Froyo will be available !
  8. simon1111

    simon1111 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the answers!
    I didn't realise that android isn't windows.
    Does active synch work properly with outlook calendar and contacts?
    I read that you can only view word and excel documents. Is this correct? I won't be able to use Microsoft office then?
    Will Tom tom, Cameraware and memory map work o/k on the desire?
    What actually is the main advantage of android? Do I need it over windows?
    I hope someone can answer these. I would hate to take a step backwards.
    I like all my apps to work.
    Will there be any new windows smartphones now?

  9. mad

    mad Lurker

    Android is a google operating system based on a lightweight linux, it's definitely not Windows :p

    As for MS stuff, I don't really know I don't use their stuff. Android is google based, so even if it may handle MS stuff, you'd be better off using google calendar and google contacts.

    You don't need anything specific on your Windows, you plug your phone and it is seen as a removable device, so you can copy files including music & video files directly to the SD card.

    As far as I know you have to buy Document To Go from the market to edit office files ($15).

    There are plenty of navigational soft an the Android market, don't really know them. But if Google Navigation is already available in your country, might be sufficient, and it's free!

    Main advantages of Android?
    - Google based, so if you use Gmail, Google Apps, Google Agenda, Google contacts, everything is built in and in sync, that's paradise. You don't have to manage contacts in your mobile anymore, just manage on Gmail and its automatically sinced in your phone.
    - Social networks are builtin, your facebook contacts are linked to your google contacts (and/or sim/mobile contacts) to enhanced them with personal details.
    - Really efficient, no lag.
    - No need for a stylet or finger dexterity to target small buttons...
    - A huge "app store" with plenty of free stuff
    - You can customize your phone the way your want
    - Everything just work as excepted
    - The web browser is really efficient

    And I'm sure people will think of a lot more in the following posts ;)

    Windows Mobile 7 is about to be released, so if you absolutely want to stay in MS circle, you'll have to wait a bit more, but you should give android a try ;)
    Windows Mobile app won't work on Android, that's for sure (it's like trying to run Windows app on a Mac or Linux) but you should be able to find equivalents on the Android market.

    Anyway, a platform change needs some work and training to get accustomed to it, but it's worth it :p
  10. simon1111

    simon1111 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for all that info! I have allways had windows in my smartphones. Changing all my apps sounds major and expensive! I didn't realise at all that Android was a completely new operating system. At the most I have had to upgrade my apps in the past.
    I don't really use Google apart from as a search engine. I do use Facebook though.
    I am really glad I found this site to get answers to my questions. At the moment it looks as though I may stick with windows for the moment.
    I was only upgrading my phone because my contract is coming to an end. I am very happy with my HTC HD and it does everything I want although the wi-fi is very hit and miss.
    I have quite a bit to think about now!
  11. simon1111

    simon1111 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have never had slow downs with my HD as I allways shut apps down when I am finished with them. Otherwise you have 10 or 20 apps running at the same time. Which would slow down any phone.
  12. ifb-online

    ifb-online Android Enthusiast

    No, Android phones like the Desire are not compatible with ActiveSync for syncing your Outlook desktop conveniently. The Desire comes with HTC Sync and this will sync your contacts and calendar, but you will need other solutions if you want to sync Outlook mail accounts, notes, and tasks. It's all a bit messy to be honest.

    There are third party office suites for Android, but I think you will have to pay for all of them; only a few are free demos or just simple viewers.

    TomTom is not compatible either, but you do have the free Google Maps Navigation, which has its plusses and its minuses (see other threads here).

    Android is a powerful and resilient Linux-based multi-tasking OS and it's now widely supported (second only to the iPhone) with free and commercial apps. And it has the backing of Google (which is a good thing to many and a bad thing to some).

    Microsoft is relaunching its smartphone platform at the end of the year with Windows Mobile 7 - it's sure to be good, but way behind Apple, Android and Nokia when it comes to apps choice.

    I've moved from the HTC Tytn II Windows phone to Android on the HTC Desire and it's a revelation - apart from Outlook and Windows Media Player syncing - which I have yet to sort. Everything else is brilliant.

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  13. simon1111

    simon1111 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    It sounds great. But I don't think I could live without memory map and tom tom. I have walking maps and sat nav of most of the country.
    These would probably port to windows 7.
  14. nx1977

    nx1977 Android Expert

    Very few winmob6 apps will port to winmob7.
  15. OFI

    OFI Android Enthusiast

    This is what i've been hearing and MS haven't been quick to squash the rumour..

    Why do you think you need Memory Map? What can it do that you can't just do on Google Maps or Google Earth?

    It is a shame Tom Tom isn't released on Android yet but there are alternatives starting from around
  16. paulcooper

    paulcooper Android Enthusiast

    I've had loads of windows mobile phones over the years, the desire is my first Andriod phone, and to be honest I had no idea what it was all about.

    I am a windows developer and have only dabbled with linux I do like linux especially for speed and minimal memory usage, really makes good use of not so out of date hardware i have. I just cant put my developed .Net apps onto it!

    Have to say I have learnt quick and really like andriod phone.
    And I will be having another one when the time comes?
    Windows phone seems to be old school and have missed out, MS have been doing this for years and still not got it right.!!
    +1 for Android
  17. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Android Expert

    I currently own a Desire, the HD2 was my phone for around 5 months prior to picking up the Desire.

    Mixed bag comparing the two for me.

    Positives for the HD2:
    FPSece (fullspeed PS1 emulation)
    Screen size
    Better exchange support, Office apps
    Able to play avi etc without conversion via Coreplayer
    Much better medical applications (which isn't at all relevant to many of course)
    Better bluetooth (Desire BT implementation has quite a few problems)
    App installation storage is not a problem (install to card)

    Positives for the Desire:
    AMOLED screen
    Better onscreen keyboards by a margin
    Better browser (Dolphin HD) and better browser speed (although I guess overall I'd rate the browser experience as close, the extra size of the HD2 is nice there)
    Much better audio quality via headset
    Better OS environ I think, especially going forward
    Better UI and UI speed of operation
    Better applications catalogue, if you exclude the areas where the HD2 is better that I mentioned above

    Will post up more if/when I think of them.
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  18. pete borota

    pete borota Newbie

    I got to use the HD2 as an early prototype love the size of screen but the beta firmware did not leave me with a good experience. I'm sure the release version was a much better experience.

    However I think the whole discussion is based around WinMo and Android. As a Windows mobile user for around 7/8 years. I loved the Windows app market it makes me laugh when I see apple and Android going on when Windows were the leaders. As usual complacency and arrogance set in and they took there eyes of the ball.

    If you were to look at Handango around 5/6 years ago you would have seen around 15,000 windows mobile apps for sale (as around 3000 symbian). The major difference today's app market for Android and Apple is the price. I remember paying around
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  19. simon1111

    simon1111 Lurker
    Thread Starter

  20. pete borota

    pete borota Newbie

    Why don't you email the developers and see if they are looking to port the app to Android. There's a lot of data that is showing Android users download more apps per month than Iphone users. Mind you it could be that 60% of apps on Android are free (at the minute :)). Mind you 99 USD is a serious price:)

    Documents to go does a good job of replacing Office functionality on the phone. As I say it maybe best to stick with your HD2 till the end of the year and wait for the HD2 successor which will be out on android.
  21. simon1111

    simon1111 Lurker
    Thread Starter

  22. pete borota

    pete borota Newbie

    T-Mobile do the HD2 and with the JV you'll get the best of both worlds with regard to their joint networks. They are working to have free roaming across their networks by September 1st this year.

    So it may not be a big thing to move to the T-Mobile brand.
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  23. nx1977

    nx1977 Android Expert

    I'm sure someone posted a link to an OS map app Simon
  24. machmandp

    machmandp Lurker


    I have had a windows mobile in various guises for over 7 years
    Staring with the Old 2003 Typhoon through Blue Angel, Prophet, Tytn, TytnII, Touch HD and never really thought of moving. But i realised that every time i got a new phone i just loaded the same old Apps and always put up with the crappy Camera (even the HD to be honest except in perfect conditions was pretty bad) and that even with the newest phone WM just seemed to be laggy.

    i must say that i have always used WM as i wanted an Organiser and a something for casual gaming when im out and about and not got the DS or PSP

    So i read up on Android and decided to go for it

    now having used an HD2 for a short while and now the desire i can give my thoughts which may be of help.

    I think it's probably best to separate certain Important features

    1. GUI
    Sense for WM and Android are very different and for WM IMHO is a much better experience (when it's smooth)
    It's more customisable and shows much more info on the screen than android, But then it argues that android is less cluttered and much smoother so it's a close one to call .

    2. Games
    No contest here Android even though it's still in it's early stages blows WM away, Yes i know people will write what about xtract and need for speed etc but the fact is games like that are very few on WM and in some cases like need for speed look great but i didnt think it played well.

    Android games on the whole just seem to work and are of very good quality and with the impending 2.2 update for apps to sd and androids increasing popularity i expect that it will get even better soon

    3. Camera
    Again sorry WM but no contest i always put up with the bad cameras on the WM phones thinking you cant have it all and have to sacrifice some things to have a smartphone , not on the desire the flash is excellent the pics taken are superb , no lag after pressing the button etc, put it this way whenever i wanted to take a pic in anything other than great conditions with the HD i actually didnt bother and missed loads of opportunities but now 2 presses and 9 times out of 10 an excellent pic, Must also mention that the video capture is also miles ahead of any WM phone i have had no jerkiness abd it's all in sync.

    4. APPS
    Not a great deal of difference here to be honest each platform has some great free and paid for apps
    bearing in mind that WM has had years of apps released Android is not far behind and will only get bigger but there are apps that i miss from WM and i'm hoping that as Android matures so will the Apps

    Must say though that the Market on Android is so much better than WM

    5. OS
    WM itself is in my opinion still the same as it was in 2003 nothing much has changed, HTC with manila and Sense did a lot to improve that but a lot of the apps were still based around the OS and i always wanted more and more finger friendly apps which seemed easy to use, On Android of course All apps are designed this way which i have found superb

    Although i still do prefer sense on WM but it's close and the android version comes pretty close.

    Android os is really just screens where you can out icons or widgets coming from an WM thats very easy to customize it was a difficult transition to Android as you can change the way the screen looks but you are pretty stuck with the look of other peoples widgets (so i'm starting to learn to write my own )

    But i still prefer the smoothness of android that i never got with WM

    However not being able to store Apps on the SD is a severe limitation on Android and until the Desire gets 2.2 then be prepared to get frustrated if you are like me and just want to check everything out.

    Also Exchange support is nowhere near as good on android as with WM
    i have it up and running at the mo but it's not perfect and i do miss Wm for that.

    And i for some reason didnt relise that you dont get a stylus with the desire, I know it seems obvious now and some will chuckle but it did take a short while to stop trying to remove it :)

    I'm not sure if the above will help as they are really only my opinions but overall i love the desire and although i miss a couple of apps i have far more better stuff on my phone now which makes up for these and i'm sure that the gaps will be filled soon.

    I for one am very happy that i swapped over and have actually enjoyed using the apps and games for a change other than just endlessly tinkering trying to change the homescreen and getting WM smooth.
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  25. simon1111

    simon1111 Lurker
    Thread Starter


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