Difference in .3 to .6


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From 3.26.651.3 to 3.26.651.6:
Radio is the same (
WiMAX is the same (26023_R01)
Kernel is the same
HBOOT is the same (0.93)
Recovery is updated, though


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Yea, was just going to post this info.
From what I can tell from my .3 version and my wifes and daughters .6 versions, is they are the same. Guess the recovery is what will need to be "updated" in the .3 versions to get us back on the offical OTA track.


im updating my brothers phone to .6 now... Ill see if i can notice anything. which i dont think i will, but ill post it here if i do.


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Im not sure what all it means, but there are 139 changed files between the 2 updates. Now those could all be cosmetic changes, but heres a report that shows the files that were modified. Hope it helps somebody.

ExamDiff Pro Diff Report

that report is cool, unfortunately, doesn't tell me much other than they are different. oh well. nice job with the report, though.


Yep, havent had a chance to dig through to see if what those changed files actually changed. Hope to look into it in the morning, but wanted to provide a starting point for anone interested.