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differences between chomp sms and handcent?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by iamloco724, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. iamloco724

    iamloco724 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Whats the differences between these apps and also is anyone having issues with either one on there droids

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  2. FatedDistress

    FatedDistress Newbie

    I use Handcent and it's awesome, no problems what so ever.. I've heard chomp sms force closes but I cannot confirm this as I have not used it.
  3. Saiyan_Prince

    Saiyan_Prince Member

    You personalize it however you want. If you dont like the bubbles. You can have it switch to the plain Droid default. You can change fonts, its color and size and put a background image to you text window. You can have them all the same. And also personalize individual ones for people you text a lot. Like your significant other.
  4. lordgold

    lordgold Lurker

    I used Handcent for quite a while, but for some reason, with the quick reply/pop-up option on, it would start force closing GDE. Switched to chomp sms, and don't have that problem anymore. Chomp sms also feels a bitter quicker for me.
  5. Ascotthowe

    Ascotthowe Lurker

    I don't know, I've been using Handcent...but its seeming a little buggy with my text messages. When I receive a long message, sometimes its delayed...or i never get it at all...

    Can anyone confirm whether this is Handcent or the phone itself?
  6. gonzoguy24

    gonzoguy24 Android Expert

    Sometimes it seems like handcent delays when sending texts...but also I am not sure if it just has to do with my phone's service...anyways i love handcent its nice and they update a lot
  7. Ascotthowe

    Ascotthowe Lurker

    Yeah I really like Handcent. But if it comes down to receiving texts promptly or having a neat application for them...I would choose receiving texts promptly.
  8. ceruti82

    ceruti82 Member

    Im using hancent, havebeen for about a month, and LOVE it. Love the customization, different LED color, notification icon for different people. different fonts. I dont use the popup option, so cant comment on it. I TOTALLY recommend HANDCENT! havent tried chomp, but hey, if its not broke, why fix it :)
  9. Droid_Junky

    Droid_Junky Android Enthusiast

    I tried Handcent when I first got my phone. It was definitely buggy a few weeks back but there have been several updates, so I decided to give it another try. I found that the voice to text function works really well and haven't had any problems this time around.

    I haven't tried Chomp but would like to know what it is like.
  10. gonzoguy24

    gonzoguy24 Android Expert

    I still get my texts promptly...there really is no issue but whatever works for ya :)
  11. Redflea

    Redflea Android Expert

    Regarding Handcent, been using Handcent (and GDE) for over a month, no problems w/force closes or text delays. Really like Handcent, including the voice option, which works pretty well. When I have a longer text I'll often speak it and then make a couple corrections and send.

    The only problem I have, really, is that the virtual keyboard overlays a little of the bottom of the handcent pop-up window. I'm using the HTC keyboard on my Droid, though.

    I haven't used Chomp, so I don't know how it differs, so my post isn't helping the OP much...sorry. :)
  12. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    They're not that much different. I liked Chomp better for a while when I first got the phone because Handcent would constantly force close. Since then, it's been fixed and updated. Handcent has better customization options, IMO, a nicer layout/theme, and just overall better functionality. The big difference is that Chomp doesn't (or at least didn't a few weeks ago) support MMS messages, whereas I believe Handcent does.
  13. FatedDistress

    FatedDistress Newbie

    One thing that I do not like about handcent, and if anyone has a solution please tell me.

    I'm using the Motorola Droid and Open Home.

    When I get a new text message on the notification bar I have the original message icon telling me I have a new message, AND handcent. When I slide out the notification bar and click on both to read (both lead me to the same place of course) and when i close out the notification for the original message is still there it will not go away unless I click clear, any idea??
  14. ceruti82

    ceruti82 Member

    you need to go into your stock messaging app, and uncheck the option for receiving notifications in status bar. the you will only rcv notification thro handcent.
  15. DanSan

    DanSan Android Enthusiast

    go into the stock sms app, and turn off notifications
  16. icstars989

    icstars989 Android Enthusiast

    Newest update for Chomp does support MMS finally. I've used Handcent for awhile, but it wouldnt sent my MMS anymore so I tried Chomp and I like it. I dont think you could go wrong with either.
  17. zandroid

    zandroid Android Enthusiast

    Can you only do bubbles in chomp?
  18. icstars989

    icstars989 Android Enthusiast

    I believe so. You can change the colors and fonts and such, but I believe you're stuck with bubbles.
  19. DanSan

    DanSan Android Enthusiast

    im having this same problem, any solution to it?
  20. clccline

    clccline Lurker

    To fix this simply go to your the messaging system that was default on the droid and go to settings- notification settins- notifications and make the box unchecked so that it wont send you notifications through that messenger only through handcent. Then go to handsent- settings- notifications and make it so when you hit the back button it marks the message as read. I had this problem at first too and quickly figured out that this phone is smarter than me.
  21. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Android Expert

    Thank you, this was a big help for me, too! Glad I'm not the only one who's phone is smarter than them.

    I was having some trouble finding the "back button mark as read" but I found it under Handcent > Settings> Popup Setting > Back Key. Hope that helps anyone else.
  22. clccline

    clccline Lurker

    When I attempted to use chomp it doubled every single one of my contacts so I had two of each name. Any suggestions?

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