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different kind of bricked

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mteets, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. mteets

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    first off, i would like to say hi to everyone! its my very first time to post here but i've been reading stuff from androidforums for a long time. :)

    my problem is that i rooted my nexus s and tried to install cmg9 but the download failed and i was stuck in an error loop "setup wizard has stopped working" i tried restarting and still the same problem comes up. panicked, i did a memory wipe on the recovery menu and lost the "custom framework" (i forgot what it was called) that was needed for the backup. now, i have no idea to return the phone to its original state since im still stuck at the looped error.

    i found this "one_click_stock" application for windows but wont work because my phone is conveniently stuck and cant change the usb debug thing.

    if anybody can help whether restoring the phone or being able to enable the usb debugging through windows command prompt or mac terminal, i will love you forever

    very sorry if there's a thread like this already but i've been searching for solutions since about 3hrs ago and no luck. :(

    i have a nexus s i9023 ics


    i fixed the problem. i just went into recovery mode and did the oem fastboot with TWRP and carried over the fix file. the phone will work but when you go to fastboot, the recovery wont work so you'll have to go back to using twrp recovery mode in the mean time.

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