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Digital Home Angel-Camera Motion Detection

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by nutanc, Aug 18, 2010.

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    Hi All,
    We have released a new app, Digital Home Angel (DHA).

    DHA Mobile automatically detects motion using phone camera, gives alarms, SMS alerts and records evidence of motion.

    It comes with a lot of configuration options.You can configure motion sensitivity levels, alarm sounds, email and sms alert messages etc. The detected motion images will be captured and stored as evidence.

    Uses:There are a lot of fun and serious uses of this app.
    1.Home Security: Guard your house when you sleep. Just start the app, put the phone on the dock and point it towards your door. If some one tries to jailbreak, an alarm will be raised. Particularly useful when you are alone in a shady motel or something.
    2.Camera Nanny: Keep an eye on your toddlers when you are working. If your toddler moves you will be alerted and can check in on him.
    3.Doing some secret work in your room, start the app and point it towards your door. The app alerts you as soon as it detects someone near your door.
    You can think of more creative ways to use this app.

    Have a good night's sleep for just $2.99.

    Search the market for Digital Home Angel.
    Digital Home Angel Mobile for Android

    About the Company: Altech Imaging has been in the image processing business for the last 10 years. They hold patents in several image processing fields like Face recognition, motion detection etc. You can find out more information at Altech Limited .


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