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Digital Photography Management

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by oneringshort, May 13, 2010.

  1. oneringshort

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    May 13, 2010

    May 13, 2010
    I'm looking for a digital photography management suite for Android. This would primarily be used for photographers using an external camera, but could perhaps be integrated into the camera on the cell phone as well.

    What I want is an application that manages and tracks pretty much everything I could want while I'm out on a photo shoot. This would include tracking release forms, which photo is for which client, client contact information (with or without integration into the contacts list).

    Example Features:
    • Track photo contents of memory card by inputing picture numbers or times taken. Associate photograph with a given person and contact number. Perhaps allow the program to take a picture with the cell phone of the subject so you can easily associate the subject with the photographs on the digital camera.
    • Full signature pad so models and property owners can sign release forms. Could use a stylus to make it more accurate.
    • Have a model and property release form that reads the signature and places it onto the appropriate line in the release and then exports it to .pdf and emails a copy to yourself and the person signing the release.
    • Support for external geotracking - load photo number and it writes the GPS location into the metadata.
    • Support for order management. Have the user input prices for different size prints or file sizes and the buyer could input quantities desired. Then take these and make an order form.
    • Integrate with PayPal to accept onsite payment.

    To my knowledge, an application like this does not exist on the Android platform and may not exist on the iPhone platform as well, so a developer could port it to the other system and reach a wider market. I'm sure you could charge $5-10 for an application like this. Also, several photography websites would probably review the application and give publicity towards it.

    If you have any questions or comment about the concept, let me know. I may decide to make a few mockups if I get bored today.

    UPDATE: I added some mockups for the application that I made.
    Mockup showing signature entry in release forms.

    Mockup showing photo management.


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