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Dipping a toe in the Smartphone sea

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Niir, Jun 3, 2010.

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    A month ago I took my first steps into the smartphone market and bought the HTC Desire on T-Mobile.

    Now I am a techie, I have a glowing powerstation pretending to be a gaming pc, ive got my laptop running Ubuntu and I love all things tech. So my move to a smartphone as powerhouse as the Desire was a logical step.

    One word, BEEFCAKE!!! This thing has been downing its tech protien shakes, its super fast, sharp and suffers no lag jumping around the 7 fully customisable home screen, even when they are covered in widgets. (Live wallpapers do cause a slight bit of lag, however they arnt that nice compared to the thousands of others available)

    Everything about this phone feels crisp...appart from the optical track ball which should only be used as a shutter button!

    HTC's Sense UI is excellent, clean and light weight it adds functionality without clogging Android with bloatware. The custom HTC widgets are in my opinion almost universally more functional and prettier than the Android versions.

    Big, beautiful and excellent with regard to its touch capabilities. Rubbish in direct bright sunlight though!

    Dont like the standard? Change it! Theres several versions of almost every core program or widget on the phone so you will always be able to find one that suits you.

    Clean, simple, fast, utterly elegant. A wonderful piece of HTC/Android tech.

    And now for something a little different:
    My 50 year old mum is getting her HTC Desire on friday. She has played with an iPhone 3GS and she has playe with a HTC Desire.

    And my technophobic mother who finds facebook complicated, computers baffling and wouldnt know what Open source was even if she was hit in the face by a frosty bucket of Froyo has chosen the Desire over the iPhone.

    Ive seen alot of people say that the customisation is only appealing to techies, Im going to thrown down that its simple not the case! The fact that my mum can make the Desire HERS, with her own layout, her own theme, own programs and own widgets was the MOST appealing thing in her eyes.

    An iPhone was just to 'JoeEveryman', to bland and to boring for her.

    After an hour playing with the Desire she had zipped around the internet, been on facebook, checked her emails, explored the market, looked through and played with all the wigdets and programs added them to home screens and changed the wallpaper. And she can only just use a computer without a map.

    Android is no longer ''for the nerds'' sorry guys the normies are getting their grubby little hands on our stuff! And I can not wait to see what the future holds for our litle green friend...i hear its got sugar and ginger...:eek:

  2. CarsnGadgets

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    glad you like both the Desire, had mine almost 2 weeks and really loviong it.

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