Help Direct path to store what'sapps, messenger, and others as well as games in my extended memory

Please help me to store what'sapps and messenger as well as games in my extended memory.

Leon Marco

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The normal way is to go to settings>apps>select the app you want to move>click storage(Android marshmallow and up)>move to sd card
If your app/phone does not support this and you have a rooted phone then use Apps2Sd.


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With that method you should know that not all apps can be moved - this is up to the developer - and that only part of the app will be moved.

If you are using Android 6 or later you may be able to format your SD card as internal storage, which allows you to use it just as if it were internal. However this process does wipe the card (so back up first), and also encrypts it so it will not be readable by other devices, and requires a fast card if it is not to impact performance. Some manufacturers remove this feature from their phones (from memory Samsung and LG do this, for example).

As said above, there are other solutions which require root.