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Directory Change + OS Update = Everything Gets Stuck?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by snow-templar, Aug 19, 2010.

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    Aug 19, 2010

    Aug 19, 2010
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    Edit: Sorry for the repeat of what a lot of people have been saying on the forum already guys. At this point I am just looking at options for someone who wants to save rooting as a last resort to possibly get Froyo working stable. As far as I can see it, I can wait for the patch update, but some are saying it won't do anything except enable Flash in the market. I could try reinstalling Froyo vanilla from the zip, but I don't know where Verizon stands on that. Got FRG01B now, but maybe FRG22 will fix everything? I don't know... I am really at a loss as to what to do.

    I hope this is the right sub-forum to post this. Let me get down phone details first since it seems that might setup my question better. I also noted sections of the post so readers can skip possibly unrelated content.

    /* Begin Phone Specs */

    Country: US
    Carrier: Verizon
    Model: Motorola Droid
    OS: Android 2.2
    Baseband Version: C_01.43.01P
    Kernel Version: android-build@apa26 #1
    Build Number: FRG01B
    Rooted: No
    Mods: Just a plastic case plate on the backplate side, nothing on the display side.
    Acquired: October 2009

    /* End Phone Specs */

    /* Begin Main Problem Text */

    I got the update a few days ago, and my phone has been acting up really strange since then. I also happened to make a directory change with some of my media folders right before I got the notification of the available system update. And (as read in the voice of Eliza Thornberry if anyone watched that show) things have never been the same.

    First, the directory change I made before I get going into problems. It wasn't a big change, or so I thought. I original made two folders called "Pictures" and "Music" up in the root directory to store my media. Quick and dirty and worked. All my apps using such media could find it. But recently I was going on a long trip, so I started taking advantage of my 16GB of space (Can I even upgrade this to more and how much would that cost nowadays?) and transferring my music collection, or at least the stuff I had been actively listening to that would fit inside 16GB. During this transfer, I decided to change my personal directory layout a bit and make it more like my work computers. So I made a home folder at the root directory, placed subfolders called "src", "bin", "tmp", "doc", and "per", and then moved the media directories I had into the "per" directory. I also made other directories there as well named after other data types I keep around and could place there like archives.

    So I did that and then got the notification of a system update on... I think it was last Saturday afternoon/evening I got it. Now, after the update and directory changes, stuff just seems really buggy. I've had my home screen get stuck several times now and every few minutes of use, it seems, it just stops registering button or touchscreen presses. I am not sure if this is due to the OS after the update or the apps I have not using Android 2.2 appropriately, but it is getting annoying to say the least.

    The Gallery app is able to find all the new media just fine including album art. The only odd thing there is I noticed some weird "ghost entries" of pictures with no data or image that it won't let me view, but it will let me delete them, so I did. The only other odd thing was it was very slow to load the thumbnails of the media, but I'd be willing to excuse that since now it has to connect and load all my Picasa photo data.

    The Music app is the one giving me a lot of problems right now. So I moved my Music directory into my home directory, like I said earlier. Now, the Music app did find the new location of the music it already knew about, but it can't find the other new music files sitting right next to it. And if I use a file explorer app (I currently am using Astro), I can send the file to be played in the Music app and it will play it, but it won't read any of the metadata while playing it and unlike for the rest of my music, when I send the music app to the background while playing the new music, it stops playing instead of continuing to play it in the background. Now I know it can play it, so it is not like it was skipped due to being an unsupported music format, but it just seems like it is acting funny.

    /* Begin Main Topic Misc Notes */

    So between the new found random program halts and music not being able to play properly, everything else seems okay. I still get the notice "Your browser needs to have flash installed" at most websites. Wasn't this supposed to be the update with Flash support? Also if performance got slow prior to the update, I used Astro's process manager tool to just kill all non-essential processes. Now if I do that, it seems to make things worse and has even caused the phone to force reboot itself.

    /* End Main Topic Misc Notes */

    /* End Main Topic Text */

    /* Begin Misc Problem Topics */

    I am going to use these last paragraphs to list problems probably not related to the update itself but not worth their own thread, I'll also just mention I have an app installed somewhere called PDF To Go that I want to get rid of since the trail expired but all my application managers can't find it. It only comes up as an option when I select a PDF file from Astro.

    I also have this app called PDAnet just so I can have tethering without the monthly fee from Verizon and without rooting my phone. It used to be wonderfully stable but now seems to disconnect at the most random times. The connection seems to last longer if I don't have an IRC client program running on the computer it is tethered to, but that seems to random and it will still disconnect after enough data usage but if nothing is running, I can leave it on overnight and come back in the morning to see it is still connected, but only after I make sure there are no active data transfers.

    The last random problem being the audio line-in cable I use for my Droid in my car has a somewhat flaky connection. I thought the flakiness would just cause the phone to think the jack disconnected and the Music app should just stop playing music. Instead, it switches over to some random playlist with party shuffle on, which I never have on, ever. It is just annoying how I will pick up my phone in the car to just press a button to play the next artist, I will do so and it plays the music correctly, but then while placing down the phone, I move the cable just right to cause it to switch to some random artist I didn't even know was on my phone.

    /* End Misc Problem Topics */

    /* Begin Conclusion */

    I know this was a long post but there are a lot of small things wrong with my phone that I just wanted to get altogether in a single post with as much detail as possible so I didn't get people mad with a bunch of new threads and such. Any help to ANY of these problems would be of much appreciated assistance, even if it is just an alternative app suggestions to one of the smaller misc problems I listed. Much thanks in advance.

    /* End Conclusion */


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