Sep 8, 2011
I am looking for a way to be able to check my inventory of Mp3's anytime on my Droid. I was thinking that if there was such an app that would allow a person to transfer a directory tree (with no actual files in it ) to a droid. This was I could go to:

Pink Floyd
The Wall
and see that I do have Another Brick in the Wall.

I know I can print a directory tree but who wants to carry a ream of paper when you have a smart phone. Any Ideas?

Thanks Joe
Uhm, doesnt the various music players already do that, provided your music are tagged correctly? Go to Music Library, under the Artist section>Pink Floyd>choose the album "The Wall"> and you'll see what songs you have under that album? In fact I dont know a music player that doesnt do that.
Yes they do list your music but like I said before I am trying to have a list that is mobile. I can't carry around almost 600 gigs of music on my phone. I would like to be able to compare without logging into my home pc.

Oh, you didnt mention that the files werent in your phone.

I guess you could try using evernote or springpad if you just want to note them down. Make a notebook and label it music, then a page for each album, and list down the songs in each album that you have. You can tag several pages to a particular artist.

For even more fun, you can also clip artist info from the web using SpringPad's Look it Up and WebClipper, or Evernote's Web Clipper and make a seperate notebook (or same if you want) for it, then tag the artists with their albums.

Basically SpringPad and Evernote are like electronic notebooks. I use them for a variety of stuff.

EDITL: You can do the listing on your PC. Or you can attach screen shots per page to save you the hassle of typing. XD