Help dirt/debris/lint in my new hero!

nic b me

seems this has been a problem with a lot of HTC's phones.

i noticed my hero has some debris/dirt/whatever inside...on the screen. reading this:
someone mentioned the dirt to be mainly in the top left corner which is the case with mine. after taking it to the store and getting it "cleaned" they actually made it worse.

i've only had my phone for about 3 weeks, i can't imagine the hero was able to become so dirty just from being in my i use the otter box impact.

so, im having sprint send me a new hero. i shouldn't have to put up with a crappy build for the money im spending on this phone.

HTC you need to build better PHONES!

Little Darwin

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Why do you assume HTC reads this particular forum? If they did, they would have released Froyo for the Hero, and they would have addressed the dust issue, and they would have resolved the flaking paint on the buttons, and they would have resolved the dialer lag much more quickly...



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It was correct to take it back,dust under screen is a widely known issue for HTC Hero.It's primary cause is poor seal from the factory,unless repaired it can only get worse.

nic b me

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Have you tried filing a complaint to HTC or Sprint? Seems like that would be more effective.

i technically didn't file a complaint but i did complain when ordering a replacement. haha
guess i should contact HTC and let them know about it.

i got my new phone and immediately inspected it and this one doesn't look dirty. now i don't want to put this hero in my pocket and i don't like the belt clip stuff. whats a guy to do? put my hero in a ziplock every time i put it in my pocket?!?

alex51, it seems to be an HTC thing...not just the hero.