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Disable calling without disabling 3g?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by caustic, May 25, 2010.

  1. caustic

    caustic Guest
    Thread Starter

    Does anyone know, is there a way to turn off calls (so the phone doesn't make or receive calls, they just go straight to voice mail, as if the phone was turned off) but still have 3g internet turned on?

    There are some days where I don't want any calls, and would just like to browse the internet on my phone uninterrupted.

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  2. brnr17

    brnr17 Android Enthusiast

    airplane mode and wifi would be one possibility.
  3. riffdex

    riffdex Android Enthusiast

    This is your only option I think. As far as I know, the ONLY way to disable calling is to turn on airplane mode. And you cannot turn 3g on after you've enabled airplane mode. However, you can turn wifi back on and stay in airplane mode.
  4. silkchaos

    silkchaos Member

    Install the senseui Rom... When it has Data on, the phone doesn't work...
  5. SkinnyDude

    SkinnyDude Newbie

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  6. droid.

    droid. Newbie

    You could get a google voice #, then use *72+the google voice# and it will forward directly to your google voice #. Make sure you set up your google voice so that it does not ring to your cell phone. Then you can install the google voice app and see the voicemails. Let me know how this works.
  7. droid.

    droid. Newbie

  8. caustic

    caustic Guest
    Thread Starter

    It worked for me. Did you remember to use two pound keys (##) and not just one?

    Also, doing this won't give me any trouble with turning it back on, do you know? I realize it's not making an actual call to go into that menu, so I wouldn't need to make a call to turn it on.... but I'd hate to do that and suddenly be stuck
  9. SkinnyDude

    SkinnyDude Newbie

    Turning it back on shouldn't be a problem. You don't need to make a call to get into that menu. If the phone has a problem reregistering on the network after turning CDMA+EVDO back on, you may need to pull the battery out and turn it back on.

    It might be a good idea to turn Airplane mode on, then turn it to EVDO only, then turn Airplane mode off so the network knows you've logged off.
  10. Arcolog2

    Arcolog2 Newbie

    WoW dude....

    THanks for the EVDO only thingy....When I tether and am doing something, I HATE when my woman calls me or texts me and blows the connection....Ruins my night of getting paid at work hahahahaha


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