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disable emergency alerts on 5.1.1? (unlocked xperia z5)

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by jml, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. jml

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    I've been all over Google and can't find an answer to my particular scenario. I just bought an unlocked Sony Xperia Z5 compact that is now running Android 5.1.1, unrooted and on T-Mobile (but AFAIK T-Mo hasn't pushed anything to the phone). I can't figure out how to disable emergency alerts; there is a dedicated Emergency Alerts app, but if I go into it there's no menu. The only thing that displays in it is an Amber Alert that I got last night that I can't dismiss or interact with in any way that I can figure out. Any suggestions? I've tried all the other options I could find, there's nothing in the wireless and network menus about disabling the alerts, and I can't find anything in the help, either.

    EDIT: I just found Settings->Sound & Notifications->App Notifications, and there is an option in there to block all notifications from Emergency Alerts. I'm fine with that if it will really shut it up, but all of the older posts I could find said that there was a way to enable some alerts (weather, "critical") and disable others (Amber Alerts). Am I missing something?

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  2. Steffn

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    On my Z3 running 5.0.2 I disabled Wireless Emergency Alerts in Apps.
  3. Brian706

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    Check something like: Settings > More > Emergency Broadcasts

    I don't know if this option exists on every device, but that's where it's been on all of my devices.
  4. jml

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    Thanks. I just did that as well, hopefully between that and the app notifications I'm covered now.
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  5. jml

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    Yeah, that's one that came up a lot on Google, but it wasn't on mine.
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