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Disable MTP mode, simple USB charge???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mmark27, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. mmark27

    mmark27 Newbie
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    Just got the Epic 4G Touch. I was looking for a simple just connect to PC through USB to charge. It appears to do that, but it also really, really, really wants to connect the MTP server and look for preconfigured folders. This puts a strain on my computer (could be faster, I know) but really want it to just connect and be done with it. HTC had a really great option for "Charge Only" in its settings.

    Anyone get around this???? There are no settings that are apparent in any of the menus.


  2. threehills

    threehills Lurker

    I'd also like to know this. Just want to mount this as an USB drive, not MTP.

    EDIT: This worked, but you have to do it every time as best as I can tell.

    Settings > Wireless and networks > USB settings > Mass storage OR Ask on connection
  3. nobrakes72

    nobrakes72 Lurker

    You need to enable usb debug mode
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