Disable Non-Stock Apps (Without Uninstalling)


I am not sure if this is something that is possible or not. But this is what I want to try to do.

Is it possible to only disable an app you downloaded from the Play Store without fully uninstalling it. I know you can disable stock apps but wasn't sure about what I am asking. I've tried doing a Google search for the answer but I am not finding any results on this.

Reasons why I would like to do this:

1) I have a game that I want to stop playing for a while (either because I am bored or I want to see if the app is killing my battery), but I don't want to lose my high score, settings, etc. However uninstalling will most likely make me lose that info. I'd like to just disable it temporarily and come back later on.

2) There is an APP that I believe is causing my battery to die quickly. I don't want to really uninstall it unless I really have to due to specific setting I have in the app (like MMS settings for a texting app). I do want to see what happens if the app isn't active on the phone but I don't want ALL the non-stock apps disabled b/c then I wouldn't be able to pinpoint the issue.

I hope these scenarios make enough sense and someone might be able to answer this. I have a Motorola Droid 4 running Android 4.1.2 (Un-Rooted)

Not without rooting.
With root, you can use Titanium Backup (preferred) or a few other apps to "freeze" any app you want. Frozen=Disabled.
Without root, you are limited to whatever pre-installed apps have a Disable button in their app manager settings.


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Settings > Apps > Downloaded, select the app. For a user-installed app there should be a "disable" button (not all stock apps have it, which I think is what Fox was thinking of, but for a user app it should be there).


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My thinking is like fox. I haven't heard of disable within settings on user /downloaded apps. Only for system apps. (Unless rooted in which case use tibu). I'm on 4.3...maybe things are different in other versions.


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Stock Android (up to 4.4.4, which I'm on) only includes the Disable option for System apps. You'll have to use something like Titanium (like Fox suggested) to disable User apps.


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I'm with Hadron on this one. ALL my user downloaded apps have a Disable option along with Force Stop and Uninstall, and I seem to recall it not being something recent. I have certainly had a number of apps disabled going back over a few OS updates, if not from when I first had my HTC One.

Is it possibly HTC/Sense related?


I used to use an app called Space Up for free one click app compression in my Android phone but it no longer works, idk if maybe it's not possible anymore with newer Android versions or maybe it just needs an update from dev, but if it's still possible I hope to find a newly developed equivalent from someone.