Root Disable OTA notification?


Does anybody know how to stop this stupid OTA update notification from showing up? I do not want to update my phone at this time and am perfectly happy with staying on rooted stock. I deleted the zip file in cache folder but it keeps on redownloading and that notification icon never goes away. Disabling google play services notifications works, but i'd rather disable the whole OTA mechanism instead.

Any ideas on what to freeze/delete/rename to accomplish this?



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I deleted the same zip file in cache but still got the annoying icon to update every 10 minutes so I decided to update knowing there wasn't a update zip any longer and I was right! It just tried going through the update but it won't reboot because there isn't a update to install! So my advice is try to install the v4 update, as long as you're sure it's gone and that took care of everything so far! Haven't had 1 new update icon since Saturday when I did this! Worked for me!