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Disable system update notif via Disable service app

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kaylsey, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. kaylsey

    kaylsey Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Edit: this thread will help with stopping system update pop up

    I had no luck at all w the below method

    Hello F3 USERS
    This last update has realy thrown me for a spin. Id be ok with it all but i use my f3's for gaming mmorpgs.
    Per my last thread i loost root and was unableto re root w v8
    Now operating w v7 again i am re rooted but now faced with another problem. I now have the annoying System update notification pop up continuing to show. This pop up will even kick me off my tasks.
    -used the app mentioned in this video http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SOe5cms0CJo
    (Disable service app) threw the play store.
    Now even with this app the system update still trys.
    Q- has anyone have a alternative to stopping system updates and or system update pop up.
    As always any info my appreciated

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  2. kaylsey

    kaylsey Newbie
    Thread Starter

  3. gherkaul

    gherkaul Android Enthusiast

    When you say "still interested in an easier way" are you referring to updating to zv8? Using FOTAkill to stop the update is about as easy as it gets. Go here and read rootabaga's thread. I only tested it for about a week or so with one of my f3's, running 7. It seems to work fine on our phone model. Btw, I have it in my system/app folder on the one running 8. Just in case we see zv9 before Christmas, lol. ;)

    If you want to know which method to update with, I need to know what you've done to the phone since rooting?
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  4. kaylsey

    kaylsey Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So are you also runing a few f3s? U mention the one runing v8. I do have two f3s now runing v8 and atm are usless to me bc i am unable to root them.
    So i guess my question is what rooting method are you using for v8 if that is the case.
  5. gherkaul

    gherkaul Android Enthusiast

    Yes, I own two f3's. One is for my daily drive, the other is for testing projects I'm currently developing for this phone. This latest update has been far worse then the last in terms of difficulty with a rooted device. The main problem being re-rooting after running it (zv8 ota) on an already rooted f3. The update does not remove the su binaries which is what give us root privileges. When you try to root with Stump, it sees the su file in system/xbin from the previous rooting and tells you you're rooted but in actuality your not. There is no option in Stump to try and root again. It's a one time shoot. If this is your case all you can do is use LGFT (LG Flash Tool) from the Unbrick sticky to flash back to zv7. This method will return the phone back to original out-of-the-box state. From there you can root and use FOTAkill to stay on 7 or you can run the ota for 8 and then root with Stump. Fyi, Stump works with both FW versions. Just remember not to root before updating to 8. Also if you have a prior backup you can re-install cwm. Restore data (your stuff) and sd-ext (Link2SD) 'only' to get the phone back to the way you had it setup before all this happened. I wish there was another way but without the ability to root and gain r/w permissions there just isn't anything else you can do. The project I'm working on now addresses the rooted zv7 to zv8 ota update issues. Unfortunately you're past the point of it working for your situation. :( I hope this helps you to better understand but if not. [​IMG] Don't hesitate to ask for more. ;)
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  6. kaylsey

    kaylsey Newbie
    Thread Starter

    wow awsome info and thx for the kind explanations, i am going to flash back one of my phones. I have the lg driver still on my computer from a previous root method i first attempted a while back. So ima check your link and give it a shot.

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