Help Disable vibration for notifications?


Never mind. I've been digging through each of my apps and finding their individual notification settings. I hate to say it, but iOS made this easier by putting notifications for every app in one place.

Hi, new Android user hoping for some help.

My Moto X has an annoying habit of vibrating with I get notification alerts. I can't find anywhere to turn it off (or where I ever would have turned it on). This happens when the phone is in regular mode - ringer set to ring but not vibrate, no Moto Assists on.

The thing is, it doesn't vibrate for all notifications. For instance, it did it for Twitter last night and it does it when Google+ completes a photo back-up, but it doesn't do it when I get new Gmail notifications.

Thanks for your help - hopefully I'm missing an obvious solution or there's a really good notification/alert manager hidden somewhere.