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Disable Voicemail?

Discussion in 'Metro PCS' started by ffffrank, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. ffffrank

    ffffrank Lurker
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    I use a google number on my phone, so any calls to my metro number are not for me. I get lots of voicemails and want to disable voicemail completely. Metropcs keeps telling me that if I get vm reset it will not accept messages, but I tried that and it still allows people to leave messages.

    Is there any way to have voicemail disabled? Their customer service says no, but I've dealt a lot with them over the last couple years and I've gotten lots of incorrect info from them.


  2. I hope GV actually works instead of dropping calls.
  3. ffffrank

    ffffrank Lurker
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    Yeah GV has worked fine for years. I figured out a roundabout way to disable voice mail since Metro won't do it:

    1. Record a custom VM greeting of a 1 second long beep.
    2. Stay in complete silence for 60 seconds or so while the greeting continues to be recorded.

    This way ppl who call will hear the fake beep and start talking. By the time the real beep happens they will have already hung up.
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  4. solved
    i've found one sure fire way to disable voicemain with metro pcs and will probably work with other cartiers.
    the secret... fill your voicemail up

    if your inbox is full you can't recieve any more voicemail

    i started hitting savebinstead of deleate, called my phone from a landline and set the phone next to the radio let is add up

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