Disabling Browser and/or market?


I'm setting up some tablets for children, and while I'd like to keep their wi-fi on so that I can swap out some of their files automatically via dropbox, I'd like to keep them the kids from being able to surf the internet or install new apps on them.

I can root the devices. Could I just use Titanium Backup to uninstall the browser and the android market app, and then use TB to restore them in the future if needed? Would I be risking breaking things if I tried that?


Unfortunately, i think if you try and restore a system app with TB you can end up with a brick!

But i think you could freeze the browser and market, then you could always defrost them later for use.

I'm not real sure on this ,so maybe wait and see if someone more experienced has a solution.


zuben el genub

Extreme Android User
Browser and Market can be frozen on rooted phone. Some things don't seem to work right, but if you get the apps from elsewhere like Amazon, they should work.

Some clones came without market access and had a different app store. Amazon and Androidpit seem to work.

I've got the browser frozen in my rooted phone, I use Boat. I've frozen Play at times with no bad results -