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Disabling everything that costs money

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Espenol, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Espenol

    Espenol Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi. I ordered my Spica yesterday and it's on its way, but before I receive it, I want to make sure I don't do any mistakes to waste a lot of traffic as soon as I get it. (Traffic is rly expensive here in Norway)

    How do I immediately disable everything such as 3G, GPS, Wi-Fi etc.? Are there any apps out there that can keep them constantly disabled? Wi-Fi I will use often probably, but I don't want to risk it accidentally going to use traffic that costs a shitload, so I need to be secured from that kind of stuff. Anyone wish to help me? :D

    I'm new to the Android community, hello all! :)

  2. paulscott

    paulscott Newbie

    If you go onto the Android market, search for APNdroid and install that, will disable all internet access :)
  3. Whateverist

    Whateverist Lurker

    GPS and Wifi are off by default, and any applications that use them will ask you to confirm before it turns them on. I'm not sure why you're worried about them, though, since they are both free; the *only* way Wifi could cost you money is if you connect to a paid network, like in an airport, but even then you'd have to manually set it up. It won't cost you money by accident.

    As for 3G, there is an option in the settings menu (under the wireless connection settings) to only use 2G networks.
  4. Beerkan

    Beerkan Android Enthusiast

    If you have wifi access use it instead. When wifi is detected, and you tell your phone to use wifi, it will be selected by default and not use 3G, therefore avoiding costs. Always check if yiu have wifi acces to a network before using 3G to download. It'll save you loads of pennies...
  5. starborne

    starborne Lurker

    Hi Beerkan,

    I just got my samsung spica w/2.1 android OS. I have looked at settings and I do not see settings that would have wifi auto but have 3G to be manual. Does having 2G mean that there is no internet access and therefore no charges? I use Globe network?

  6. paulscott

    paulscott Newbie

    There is no changeable setting, if you have WiFi the phone will use the WiFi instead of the 3G data connection :) (that is if you have the right to internet access on the WiFi network)

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